Christmas With the Clan

Here was the scene in our main room a few hours ago:

gathering up the christmas decorations...

That’s right. Christmas has left the Condo Casa. I like to decorate early, then dismantle everything on Boxing Day. Even though we still have one (delayed) family celebration tomorrow, I’m not hosting, so I felt OK about keeping up my de-Christmas-ing tradition today. As much as I enjoy putting out festive touches, I dislike taking them down! Everything looks so bare now! (And my feet are cold without my red and green braided rug to stand upon!)

But let’s backtrack to happier times - like yesterday!

Showing my Christmas spirit via clothing!…

christmas attire: ingo sweater that belonged to my grandpa! so cosy and the right colour for xmas!

...and a festive hair accessory!

As per tradition, we gathered together for Christmas Day brunch and gift opening.

SIL ana, andrea, sharon...

the brother, baby c, b!...

little e, cousin alex, cousin kate, pete!...

uncle paul, cousin joel!...

little e, me, cousin kate!...

...and we can't forget shadow!

Who’s missing? Mom and Dad – mom is feeling better (thanks for your get well wishes!) … just not quite ready for a full morning of festing, yet.

Happily, mom was able to contribute her famous sticky buns! (The benefit of starting Christmas prep early in December!)

sticky buns don't last long!

We enjoy these treats every Christmas. And this year, our brunch menu expanded beautifully with the addition of home baking from sharon and kate! In our family, you won’t find savoury dishes; we are a family of sweet tooths (teeth?!), and in addition to sticky buns, we all dove into cookies, cranberry loaf, apple muffins, orange bread ring, baked french toast dish, and a fruit platter! A veritable smorgasboard of treats!

Time for presents!!! Our strictly enforced (by me) rule tradition is to open gifts one person at a time; youngest to oldest for the first round, then oldest to youngest for the following round. Also as per usual, there was much kibitzing, joking, teasing and laughter. Don’t you love when your face gets sore laughing muscles?!

joyful, joyful!

I received truly wonderful gifts! At Thanksgiving, we exchange Christmas lists, and my family chose perfectly from my list of suggestions!

From Paul, Sharon and Alex:

nope, no compunction about opening a brelly indoors!

I had requested a “bright, unique, big umbrella.” This choice more than fits the bill! Bonus: the smooth wooden handle – gorgeous!

I’ve come to rely upon a “Sharon Choice’s” book! (taken from my list of requests!). This year’s pick:

looks like a good read for aruba, to me!

No idea how Kate, Pete, Joel and Andrea found this perfect yoga mat! But it totally fulfills my wish for a “green yoga mat with leaves or vines!”

my chakras will be centred, my oms will be heartfelt!

…AND it comes with a drawstring bag! 110% score, cousins! Thanks!

what a mat!

B and I enjoyed a quiet Christmas Day supper with mom and dad and Grandma in the evening. We preceded dinner with a spirited game of Yahtzee – which I won! Then B and I came home to watch the first episode of Rescue Me, Season Two. B received this DVD as well as Season Two of Damages. Good thing I only have three movies left to watch because all we want to do now is watch these TV shows!

What a lovely family Christmas Day. As always, the time goes so fast! Well, only 365 days til we fest again!

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  • Gina Unger  On December 29, 2010 at 9:19 am

    LOVE that sweater! What a keeper!
    And sticky buns?! Hooray for those! They are a Christmas tradition that I’ve begun with Jeff’s family over the past 7 years, making them every Christmas Eve/morning. Yummy!

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