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How I Spent My Birthday-Day!

I purposely designed the birthday weekend so that the actual birth-day is filled with my “usual favourite things.”

Woke up at 5 a.m., the usual wake up time. Why waste time sleeping?

Spent time with my beloved Stairmaster:

Spent time with my favourite things: Coke Zero, knitting, two newspapers and Runner’s World magazine:

And it’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood today, to boot. Apparently, I was born on a day much like this: sunny, cold and crisp. I don’t remember it, though.

My favourite Pookie telephoned to wish Aunti a happy birthday. Then she had to go play with her dollies. End of conversation!

Walked Brad for a late afternoon outing – beautiful day!

a little frosty, but invigorating!

And now tonight we have rented DVD 500 Days of Summer.  This will be Movie #1 for “40 Movies.”

Pre-Birthday Day

I decided a while ago that this birthday deserved three days of celebration: pre, day-of and post birthday days. Since Jan 9th falls on a Saturday, this makes for a perfect long weekend of birthday fun.

Friday eve was a get-together at mom and dad’s. Usually we go over Sunday evenings for meal time followed by a game of Yahtzee but since tomorrow is Shopping at Sherway Gardens day, we all celebrated together Friday evening.

mommy comes through with themed birthday napkins, as is her style

My very generous family (including mom and dad, Brad’s parents, and my grandma) spoiled me with money gifts. I am sure I will be able to happily spend my birthday money in Toronto on Sunday!

cards from Grandma, Mom and Dad K

mom even found a cardinal sticker for the envelope

While I’d like to be able to report that I rocked the Yahtzee game, no such luck (guess I had my turn when I won last week!).

no one got a Yahtzee but we all got our bonus!

Drum roll please!…and the winner on this fine day was none other than….

...Ervie! Congratulations, father!

Official 40th Birthday Photos:

The Birthday *Girl*

the very special mom and dad who brought me into existence - thanks! 🙂