Sherway Shopping

Day 3/3 of the birthday weekend, and to wrap up the celebrations, we went shopping to Sherway Gardens. A “destination shopping trip,” but fully worth the drive (and no traffic issues on a Sunday). In 3.5 hours at the mall, I think I got into about 10% of the stores. Truly a fabulous selection of stores that we don’t have in K-W, like Holt’s, Lululemon, Sporting Life, Nike  – those were my “A List” shops to hit today.

Happily, the design team at Sherway considered the Shopping Husbands: Brad quite enjoyed the leather comfy chairs and relaxed and waited quite contentedly with his Blackberry when he needed a break from accompanying me to the stores.

Purchases made at:

Nike (two jog bras and a long sleeve running top PLUS a long sleeve top for Brad – at least he did not come away empty handed!)

Lululemon (running tights, Stairmaster shorts, running shorts)

Aritizia (retro Adidas jacket, casual tights from their 2010 Olympics line). Fabric of the tights is too cool:

unique, eh?!

Mall hugely busy – is it not post-Christmas, bleak mid-winter and recessionary times? You’d never know it from the line ups and numbers of shoppers.

Thus endeth the 40th birthday weekend and I have a hugely updated wardrobe with which to remember a fabulous weekend!

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