When Streaking is No Longer Enough

Likely, you have heard of running streakers: people who go umpteen years without missing a day of running. Runner’s World profiles such types from time to time. There is no “set” distance or time necessary to be a streaker; each person decides what is their personal minimum to keep their streak alive, be it one mile, 5 km, or a half hour. Entirely self-determined.

I, personally, have known two streakers. One guy’s minimum was one mile per day. One time, as legend has it, he went out to stumble through his mile while suffering the equivalent of double-galloping pneumonia. Another former running buddy once ditched his semi tractor trailer at the side of a highway during a raging snowstorm to do an out-and-back run, just to keep the streak alive; this tale I heard straight from the horses’s mouth.

Commendable or crazy? I leave it to you to decide which side of the fence you are on. All I know is that streaking is no longer something of which to be in awe. 2010 bodes well for being the Year of the Extreme Running “Feet/Feat” 🙂 – read on to see what I mean…

Example number one: Monica Scholtz is an almost-local ultra goddess. I have never met her, but have heard of her, and have heard only enthusiastic comments about her positive personality and down-to-earth good nature. She is going to run THIRTY 100-mile races in 2010:


To put this in perspective, finishing ONE 100-mile event in a given calendar year is remarkable. This link will provide you with the details of Ultrarunning’s Grand Slam (completing four specific 100 mile races in one calendar year).

Example number two: This guy is going to run 52 marathons this year. I guess this is what you do when you are unemployed and bored and have oodles of money.

Example number three: This guy is going to run the marathon distance 250 times this year: http://www.cbc.ca/cp/Oddities/091230/K12309AU.html

I guess this is what you do when you are more or less retired, bored and have oodles of money.

So a steak of a mile a day? pshaw.

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