Advantage: Goodlife

I’ve been scooped! For the last couple days, I was planning a post where I wanted to talk about the Goodlife Toronto Marathon and an interesting development for the 2010 race (October 17, 2010). Then yesterday, the story breaks that the City of Toronto is putting its foot down on having two marathons in one city, three weeks apart, and will issue ONE marathon permit only, beginning in 2011.

Here is the full story, as it appears in the Globe and Mail today. It’s well worth a read, if you have time. The issue is being flogged to death in various running forums and I am not going to delve into the story in depth right now. But for the running community, this is a face-off worth watching. Which race will prevail? Each one has its loyal supporters and vocal critics. I’ve competed in both events over the years, and each one has advantages and disadvantages.


Waterfront Marathon: more crowd support, larger field of entrants, excellent organization, draws more elite level athletes

Toronto Marathon: better/more scenic course, longer history of existence


Waterfront Marathon: course is boring as all get-out, September weather sometimes an issue (hotter, more humid)

Toronto Marathon: poorer organization, point-to-point course necessitates transportation issues

I am willing to bet that the number of entrants increases in both events for the fall 2010 races, due to the fact that it will be the final “running” of one of these events. And who knows: the winning marathon may well go with a different course. I think we will also see an increase in the number of people/crazies who do both events – this is the last chance!

At this stage, who will prevail? I am placing my money on the Waterfront. Money talks, bottom line.

But here is the REAL story I initially wanted to discuss! Runner’s World Magazine has chosen the Goodlife Toronto Marathon as one of its  four Marathon Challenge sites for this year (the other marathons being Flying Pig in Cincinnati, San Francisco and Richmond). What happens is you sign up for the Challenge, and Runner’s World provides you with training and perks on Race Day.

This is a complete coup for the Goodlife Marathon! Runner’s World magazine is likely the most recognized running resource in North America – any association with this magazine is going to bring your event more money, more competitors, more recognition. It’s the same deal as if Tiger Woods has chosen to play your golf tournament.

So, let’s tie these two stories together now: we have a race to see which of the two Toronto marathons will prevail (due to the rivalry between race directors, there is no way a compromise or a combining of the two events will ever happen). We have the presence of Runner’s World at the upcoming Goodlife Marathon in 2010…but the Waterfront is decidedly the “bigger” event…this is going to be good!


Waterfront Marathon –

Goodlife Marathon –

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  • BorisT  On January 27, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    Good points, I prefer the Toronto course but Waterfront has the pulling power and better organization.

  • debbie braun  On January 27, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    Do you wish you were doing one or both in 2010?

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