January: The month in Review

Bye bye, January! Here’s a quick recap on where we stand as the first month of 2010 draws to a close…

Completed thus far:

– 4 recipes

– 3 movies

– 6 reads

– 12 cereals

These stats are about what I would have expected at the three week completion mark of The Project. A few comments:

– yes, the Cereals are way out in front…but this could become more challenging the further along we go and I become less enticed by my options. But so far, the easiest category, and I have a feeling it could be the easiest one to complete with the least amount of effort.

– I should have more Reads accomplished next month as I receive my next round of magazine subscriptions. Plus, I have a newspaper idea…

– without the motivation of The Project, I would not have baked at all this month. Really. But when I look at the various steps involved (choosing a recipe, making it, writing about it), it’s not all that bad…you need one Project that is a little *challenging,* right? And for me that is Recipes! 

– watching 40 Movies is going to be the biggest challenge, I think at this point. I have to work at carving out a two hour time block, and I have to be in a “movie kind of mood.” TV can be on mindlessly in the background, but movie-viewing requires more focus. There are some movies coming to The Princess that I would like to see – I just have to make the time to get out there!

Next up: the shortest month of the year, with 28 Days. Welcome, February!

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