Schmoopy Weekend x 2, Part 2

This whole Family Day Holiday today is pretty amusing. Schools are closed, stores are closed, there is no local paper…but if you are a Federal Employee, you do not have the day off (sorry about your luck, bro). And we do have mail delivery. I realize the holiday coincides with Family Day in other provinces, President’s Day in the States etc, but I can’t help thinking: will it be rescinded when we get another political party in power, provincially? perhaps.

Here are five highlights of a Warm n Fuzzy Family Day, 2010:

#1: I finished my current knitting project –

these cardigans are fun to make - Koigu yarn is fab to work with and the results are always pleasing

check out the buttons - wild animals!

#2: I decided to turn the Valentine’s Sugar Cookies project (see #6 of “40 Recipes”) into a Cookie HappyGrams type-thing – I made up notes and cookies for a few couples and some friends in our building: a couple who just moved in this weekend, our Super Super, our neighbours just back from a trip south etc.

cookies, notes n plates, ready to go

it was fun to be the Cookie Santa!

don't worry, I didn't give away all the cookies - still some left for B!

#3: Mom, Dad and I met for a coffee break at the Huether –

yes, this IS the same table from brunch yesterday!

I had a complete belly-busting laughing fit trying to get a "good" photo of dad + cookie - thanks for being a good sport, dad!

#4: HARVEY’S!!!!

how better to celebrate a holiday?

yum + fun!

#5: …OLYMPICS!!! 🙂

A second silver medal today – that’s 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze so far…rah rah rah!!!

And that’s the end of the Schmoopy Lovey Long Weekend. Really, who can complain if the Powers That Be want to give us a day off in the dregs of winter? We’ll take it!

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