There IS a Doctor in the House!!!

Timeline of events:

Mid-December: receive a letter in the mail dated Dec 7th, that our family doctor, Dr F, is retiring in April 2010. Great. Now both B and i are very lax about visiting the doctor…neither of us has been in at least 8 years (i know, i know, slap on the wrist). To be honest, at my last eye doctor appt ( i am very good about seeing Dr S, the eye doc, regularly at least! and we both are excellent in seeing our dentist), Dr S asked me my family doctor’s name and i had a complete mind blank – had to come home and ask B who it is! But i do believe you need to be “under the care of someone” and at least have a doctor to go to if and when it’s necessary. Anyway, Dr F’s letter states that he has been unable to find someone to take over his practice, so our best bet is to find ourselves a new doctor, or to contact Health Care Connect Program for assistance.

Seeing as it’s almost Christmas and there is a ton of stuff going on, I put the Doctor Search on the backburner. 

Monday January 18th: Go pay a visit to mom and dad’s doctor’s office. I am hoping to get in with their Dr H because he has treated mom and dad very well, and is also NOT near retirement age. I hope that a personal visit and a link with mom and dad being patients will get us in the door…I get to speak with Receptionist R for a full 22 seconds. She makes a note with our names and says she’ll leave a note for Dr H and get back to me.

Monday January 25th: I think that enough time has passed for Dr H to decide YES or NO, and call Receptionist R. She says the note is still on his desk. I decide to back off so as not to get a rep as a nag and a bother.

Friday February 12th: Dad has an appt with Dr H and puts in a good word for us. Interestingly, Dr H asks if we have kids. Upon hearing no, it’s just the two of us, he says he would not accept us AT ALL if we had kids. So i take it that soon i will hear a positive reply. But i continue to hear nothing.

Monday February 22nd: After biding my time all month, I decide I really need an answer. If Dr H says no, I gotta get on the hunt. Call Receptionist R – oh yes, she has a note on her desk…Dr H has declined to accept us as patients. Well, not the response I was hoping for, but at least I have an answer! (notice, i had to call AGAIN, even though she had a note on her desk. BUT i  DO realize she is truly busy, the office is zany, and at least i got my answer).

Wednesday February 24th: Pop by Grandma’s doctor’s office. Dr B is located within a 7 minute drive which would be nice. A very nice receptionist (much friendlier than Receptionist R) tells me that Dr B is not accepting patients, in fact, he is looking to retire soon. I DID know that, but also know that someone will be taking over his practice. So no luck despite playing the Grandma card.

Thursday February 25th: Call my BFF Debbie’s doctor’s office. (Decide to save time by skipping a personal visit…losing faith that this approach works). Immediate negs on my question of whether they are accepting new patients…not surprised as Deb had warned that her own parents-in-law were turned down…but it was worth a shot.

Same Day: Call the Health Care Connect Program. At first, believe i am talking to a machine. After a few minutes, realize the monotone voice is indeed a real person, but script reading. Bottom line: they can do nothing to help us find a new doctor until Dr F is officially retired and we are indeed doctor-less. With this line of information sharing, the male voice on the other end has switched to “real talking” and says in order to get with their program, i would need to first ditch Dr F. I decide this program is f&$^#’d and i will wait til April.

I just want to note that while frustrated with the system, I was not angry. more appalled and saddened by the state of health care in our area. and we’ve got it good compared to some people and some communities and most countries!

i decided that my mantra of “things work out as they’re meant to be” would guide me, and i would keep the faith that something would work out for us.

Wednesday March 3: receive another envelope from Dr F’s office. Before opening it, I think, “great! they’re going to tell us to get a move on as they want to pass along our files.” But no!!!! The letter states us that Dr Mary-Melinda Gillies is taking over the care of Dr F’s patients. And the best part? Her office is on Albert St, beside the Waterloo Public Library – within WALKING distance of our condo. I am very pleased to try a female doctor (don’t know how b feels?!) and so happy that things DID work out as they were meant to be. Amen!

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  • Eugene  On January 3, 2013 at 11:43 am

    Hi Everyone,
    Just found this today:

  • Anonymous  On April 10, 2012 at 8:21 am

    I am in the same boat too…paid 150$ for my whole famlies charts…including my son’s immunization records and nothing….had PO box contact number, but sent a letter at christmas time and no response….Can’t beleive the unprofessionalism…I would like to proceed in some way, but don’t know what to do….

  • Sandra Gill-Henderson  On January 2, 2012 at 10:50 pm

    We are in the same boat, our Doctor Fisher retired, we had him for 45 years, he was amazing, we went to Dr. Gillies, I actually had appt with her, to go to find out that she had closed her doors with a letter there. Both my husband and I had undergone extensive tests, no idea where these are, we paid $90 , she cashed the cheque , Sept l9th, no sign of records, even offered to pick them up. Fortunately we have a nice new doctor, very nice and young. When on her web site and watched Miss Canada pageant from 1988, she won. They said Miss London, because she was going to University there, studying law and social work. What the hell, maybe we wasn’t even a doctor afterall. Would like to know how to get our records tho. Any suggestions.

    • Anonymous  On February 14, 2012 at 11:45 am

      Same here with the cash the cheque, but no show on the charts. I’m beginning to think a call to the police for fraud may be in the future.

  • Sandra Henderson  On January 2, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    We are in the same boat, as seniors, both my husband and myself, have had a lot of testing done, hard to remember everything. Fortunately, we have a new young doctor. We had just had a whole series of tests done. We have no idea where they are. She said she would mail files, paid $90. Have not received them, she cashed cheque on Sept l9th. Not sure what we should do. Sounds like she taken our money and run, I have been over to her office, only to have the other girl tell me, she said she would have them out before Christmas. Well guess what. We are so mad, to get copies of all these tests will cost money, Again we are seniors and shouldn’t be treated like this.

  • Anonymous  On October 25, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    Did you realize that Dr. F gave us a pseudo doctor. Apparently Dr. Gillies didn’t pass her final test, and in fact failed in 3 times. Those of us unfortunates who were passed on to her are now without a doctor and can’t get our charts. I have paid to have them returned, the cheque has been cashed and I still don’t have my charts. Lucky us! Things work ouat as they’re meant to be unfortunately doesn’t apply here. Ms. Gillies has left thousands without a doctor, without our charts, and has caused potentially life threatening situations for all. Shame on her!!! She should be punished to the fullest of the law for impersonating a doctor.

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