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This Week: The Friday Photo = Saturday Snapshots!

I’m just back from spending a delightful two days in Toronto with Ana, E and C. With The Bro off doing some field work, it was another opportunity for the four girls to be together.

Part I

Our first Friday photos are from Thursday. At Beechwood Zehrs this week, I happened upon a Bunny House kit. (Think Christmas Gingerbread House but with an Easter theme). Awesome! Had no idea they had come up with such a creature. The kit kept E and me quite amused for a good hour.

a casa in progress...

please note the line of bunnies leading to the front door...

And Aunti with the finished product!…

Aunti with the Bunny House, as shot by Photographer E (not bad for age 3, eh?!)

 Part II

Our second set of photos is indeed from Friday. Out and about in the lovely  return-to-winter, cold (but sunny, I must say) morning weather, I glanced at the window of one of my favourite shops, and my heart skipped a beat when I spied THIS:

the one on the left

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYTHING SO DIVINE IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE??!!! As soon as the shop opened at 11, I was there. The congenial shop keeper shared that the dress is from Barcelona. Cool! Who doesn’t need a European Label in their closet?! Normally, I am not a dress girl – 99% of the time it’s tights and sweats, as you well know. But it was soooo love at first sight for me n this dress. But I decided to wait and get Ana’s and E’s opinions – can’t we girlz always use a second (and third) opinion, pre-purchase?! So we went back in the afternoon, I got the thumbs up, and the dress came home with me.

A few close ups – sorry no modeling as I haven’t showered yet today (TMI, I so know, sorry!) – that I simply must share:

the full view...

adore the flippy mini-skirt hem...

embroidered detailing at the high waist...

love the paper bag - it's a keeper, even if paper!

IS THIS NOT A KIKI DRESS OR WHAT, I ASK OF YOU???!! I will be searching for just the right occasion to bop out in my Barcelona Dress. (Yes, I name my clothes).

COLOUR was definitely the theme for this Thursday and Friday!