Three Gina’s, One Afternoon

What are the chances that the name “Gina” could figure so prominently in my Tuesday afternoon?

First, at 2 pm, I had an appointment to see my esthetician, Julia, at Gina’s Spa, for an eyebrow wax (please note that I normally would not be sharing my “personal upkeep appointments” with you…I’m solely doing so today for the sake of the blog and for the sake of the theme of this post!).

Love that I can walk to Gina's since it's just in Uptown Waterloo

Julia did not disappoint with her excellent abilities. We only disagree when I say I want thinner brows and she tries to keep them thicker. Today I am mucho pleased with the results:

View #1 (self-portrait, trying to get the angle right...)

too much nose, not enough brows...

the dead straight-on view...if only the brows would stay this way now!

OK, enough of that.

Then at 3:30 pm, one of my dearest friends – yes, Gina! – came by for a visit with her 10 month old baby, Marin (child #3). I sooooo appreciate that she was able to come over as she literally arrived in Ontario from Winnipeg earlier this afternoon and is only here until Good Friday. Gina left Hayes (4) and Hudson (2) at home with Hubby/Daddy Jeff and came out to visit her family here. Gina and I have been friends since age 5, attended high school together, kept in touch even after Gina became a Westerner (a Manitoba-ite?) and I so love when we can visit when she comes “home.”

This afternoon did not disappoint at all – amazing how much chatting we could fit in for a limited time. We just always seem to be able to pop so easily into conversation and easy laughter. Guess that’s what knowing someone for 35 years gives to our friendship!

Marin is an easy-going cutie-pie and I loved seeing her again (last time was last July when she was just a month old).

Marin would rather look out the window than at the camera!

Marin is wearing a sweater I made for her, and the blanket is also one that I made as a baby gift for her. I am really happy to hear that the sweater is getting lots of wear, and that Marin’s blanket is her go-to blanket of choice – apparently she likes to pluck at it and likes the feel of the different stitches! Very satisfying when a hand-knit is getting so much baby-time!

there, we found the camera (and mommy taking the picture!)

you just can't *pose* a baby, now can you?! but we're all happy!

until next time (hopefully this summer!)

My third Gina encounter of the day? Well, just a little plug for one of my fave websites of late: Gina happens to be the name of the peppy, positive, fun, blogger that you’ll find at this site. I totally suggest you check out the blog – Gina updates, like, at least twice a day, and her posts are full of vegan/raw food/healthy eats (cool reading and pics, even if that style of food is not your thing), exercise tips, and, well, it’s just fun to read and follow her day!

Off to see a movie tonight (will review in my “40 Movies” column) – if there is a character named Gina in the movie, I may very well drop my teeth!)

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