Friday Photos: Waterloo Pottery Sale!

Have you ever had an event that you keep meaning to get to, “one of these times,” yet you never quite seem to make it there? The Waterloo Potters’ Workshop Pottery Sale fits that description for me. The Sale is held twice per year, literally down the street from us at the Waterloo Rec Centre. We’ve lived in our condo over 5.5 years now (!) and despite seeing the sign in front of the Rec Centre every six months, I never seem to make it to the sale.

But today it worked out! Maybe the best plan is not to have a plan! Mom emailed me last eve, inviting me to go along with Dad and her to the sale this afternoon. Hey! That works for me! Beats posting photos of my trip to the dentist this morning instead (no cavities, by the way!…)

here we are!

It’s a super set-up: like a craft show, each potter has a table of his/her wares; unlike a craft sale, there is one central station where you can pay – a very efficient and user-friendly system.

a sampling of the pottery...

Mom and Dad have attended before, and said this afternoon was not busy at all compared to the last time they were here, when the crowds were something else! Today we had lots of room to meander around the tables and aisles:

the Sale is good-sized, but not overwhelming (like I find the "One of A Kind Show" to be....)

Dad did not find a perfect mug, but Mom DID find her pate knives!

Of course, at some point you have to make a choice. These two bowls caught my interest, but I really only wanted to purchase one. Can you guess which one came home with me?!…

the blue one (L) had lovely indentations/strips while the one in orange shades (R) is a bit more shallow...

In the end, here are the two items that are now part of our dish inventory!…

a cheerful little side dish...and the ORANGE-shaded bowl!

My goal is to gradually switch over our daily dish set (they’re 15 years old, after all!) to an eclectic assortment of unique pieces – nothing matching. This is a good start to accumulating that collection!

So I can check “going to the Potters’ Sale” off my To Go To list. That just leaves me with seeing Madonna live in concert and running the New York City Marathon – I’m rather starting small, eh! 🙂

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