..And one of the Kiki Projects Reaches Conclusion!…

Dum Dum da Dum!!!!

Yes! Quick, before you take a lookie at the columns on the left of the blog, the four components of the 1970 Kiki Project, can you guess which one is going to be concluded TOMORROW?! I’ll give you a moment to think….

A pictorial diversion to prolong the suspence…

My other husband

pwetty fwowers...

 …OK, enough silliness!…

Yes, tomorrow I will conclude 40 CEREALS! 40 cereals by the end of April. Not bad, eh!

Now for the question you’ve all been waiting for…what will #40 be? I know, I know!!! 🙂

Will post #40 tomorrow, along with an April Report Card/Update on how I think the Project is progressing.

So until then, enjoy the sunshine and don’t blow away out there! It’s crazy windy!

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