Friday Photos: Pet Peeve

So what are your pet peeves? (seriously, please share if you feel like it!).

I would have to list the following:

Procrastination: I am a “once n done” type person. Ie: rather than throw your clothes onto the floor after you wear them, (hrmmm hrmmm, not mentioning any names, dear husband o’ mine…) toss them into the hamper, and they’re all ready for the next time i do laundry. Clothes are finished in the dryer? Let’s fold them now and then that job is done, i can check it off my to do list (note: AM a big fan of To Do Lists! make one daily). Not a fan of the dishwasher: why wait for the machine to wash and dry the dishes when i can hand wash and be done in 5 minutes? You get the picture…

Events That Do Not Start On Time: church. concerts. movies. chiropractor appts. running races.

Drivers on the 401 Who Drive Slowly in the Fast/Passing Lane: move over already if you’re doing anything less than 120 km/hr.

**Knitting Patterns That Contain Errors** – this is my topic of the day. Nothing annoys me more than happily knitting away, sailing along, and BOOM Ka-Pow!!! suddenly my knitting row has too few or too many stitches. For a beginner knitter, this is akin to suddenly having to converse with someone in Swahili. Luckily, I have been knitting for 35 years now so i can more or less figure out what the pattern author is trying to say, or make up my own variation that will work.

Other knitting pattern error options: omittance of important information (ex: cut yarn, return to work with right side facing); vague and oblique knitting short forms with no glossary of terms (i’ll never forget my first view of psso when i was 12, and not having a clue, literally had to go visit my knitting-capable next door neighbour!); blatant wrong instructions (pattern states K4 when clearly you need to K5 or you will be up a creek without a paddle). Sigh. We’re not designing rockets here, people. A published pattern creator should have a competent editor and a team of testers who have gone step-by-stitch completely through the pattern. 

A good pattern should be written at a Grade 1 level of knitting parlance. You can err on the side of not saying enough; you cannot err in including too much information. Also, the pattern should state the obvious (ex: when you are done this section of decrease, you will have 24 stitches on your right hand needle). I could go on, but I’m likely losing you already, you poor non-knitters dear readers.

Here is what I am currently knitting:

close-up view of the right front

far-out view of the entire piece

It’s a lacy baby jacket that in my mind i am calling the “bohemian shepherd coat” – you’ll notice that due to the colours of this ball of to-die-for yarn, the RIGHT front is going to be different from the LEFT front which will be different from EACH SLEEVE.

I love how it’s turning out, but seriously, I have lost count of how much ripping back and adjusting I have done so far. The pattern is from a book in my knitting library collection:

the "knitting area" of the Zen Room

I’ve tried to make note of my changes:

note the turquoise blue scribbles

The sweater is going to be super-cute once it’s done, i do believe (i still have to do the sleeves, a yoke, the collar band, the button and buttonhold borders)…but it’s been a real head-scratcher at times! Ah, the joys of knitting…a peaceful hobby in essence; not always so in practice!

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  • Julie Parkins  On September 17, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    My pet peeves: gum chewing (sorry Cathy)…it drives me crazy and is a very North American thing. You leave the house, throw some gum in your mouth…I hate it..unfortunately my hubby loves gum chewing. He argues he chew quietly…yes, he does, but I can smell the gum and occasionally see the jaw move…hence, annoyance!!!

    Other pet peeve: bum patting, bum kicking…just don’t touch the toushie!!

  • AC/EC  On May 7, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Oh Cathy, I’m with you on all of your pet peeves.

    I think men have some sort of clean, not-so-clean, kinda-dirty, dirty categorizing system that I fail to understand. I don’t like procrastination but I’m a Libra so I do have a tendency to go back and forth on a number of things. And I can procrastinate with the best of them. Not my best trait. And poorly written knit pattern! I think I’ve only begun to gain experience in this department.

    I’ll add that I get very annoyed at people who say they will do one thing and then fail to do so – beit going to a concert, calling, etc.

    And that baby jacket looks AMAZING! The colours fit the pattern perfectly. What a beautiful project.

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