…and we’re off!

I’m typing on an airplane!!! 🙂

Sorry, but for this rather inexperienced traveller, this is very cool! 

It’s 10:30 a.m. and we are up in the air. In a little over two hours, we’ll be in Tampa! I don’t even have enough time to watch a movie (I would choose Valentine’s Day {ok, glad I did not given the unfavourable rating in that link!}but it’s 2+ hours long). I’m also really impressed because this plane has the back-of-seat monitors for inflight entertainment: TV, movies, audio, all 12 inches from my nose.

just touch the screen!

So let’s backtrack: I had a fantastic sleep which is a little unusual the night before an adventure begins. No complaints!

I had everything organized and was out the door spit-spot.

two bags, neither too cumbersome - very manageable!

My driver and send off party!

we were all right on time!

Dad and I had a lovely drive to the airport. Traffic was basically non-existant on the 401 at this hour, so we breezed down. No new speed record set – Erv must have been feeling relaxed!

what a beauteous morning sky!

{Side note: Dad made a good point during our morning conversation: blogging this trip will serve to share my experiences with interested family and friends, but also it’s a perfect way to capture the trip in a journal form, for future personal reference. So if I am a bit wordy at times, feel free to skip ahead – don’t let me bore you!}

From drop-off at the airport until now, everything has gone tickety-boo, as mom would say.

Here’s a timeline:

  • 7:20 a.m. arrive at airport. I printed off my boarding pass, so all I had to do was go through the baggage check. As luck would have it, while I was in line, a few of us were diverted over to the executive class line, so I saved some time!           
  • 7:38 a.m. through AC baggage check.

 {Side note: I have to share that I have an extremely irrational fear of customs. Brad always laughs at me because I take the whole process from check-in til you reach your flight gate VERY seriously. Remember the Soup Nazi line-up on Seinfeld? That’s how I conduct myself when passing trough the various stages of check-in – no smiles, iron-fist grip on my boarding pass and passport, follow the herd, no questions.}

 The customs line-up was longer, but not too bad. {Sidenote: since I travel so little, I really have nothing to judge lineups on…but today, everything seemed fairly quiet to me.}

i was just glad i wasn't this guy!

  • 8:03 a.m. finish with the customs agent. I super lucked out here! Despite my slight nervousness, I got a very nice young man. Partial excerpt:

            …questions, questions…

            CA (Customs Agent): Where do you work?

            Me: Running Room

            CA: What’s that? A run….

            Me: retail

            CA: So you run?

            Me: yes.

            CA: Then you have to check out the longest sidewalk in the world in Tampa – over 7 miles…

            …blah blah and I left with a whoosh of relief!

  • 8:10 a.m. finished with the custom’s scanner and I can relax! No more tests!

 All in all, could not have asked for a smoother check-in process.

This left me with an hour to kill before pre-boarding would commence at 9:15 a.m. The time flew by as I travelled up and down the corridor a bit (taking care NOT to pass through ANY doors…think back to my experience at the Miami airport a few years ago…if you don’t know this story, ask me some time as it’s unbelieveable!), and completed my To Do At the Airport tasks:

1)reading material…

i ALWAYS and ONLY buy "star" magazine at the airport (to Aruba); I loved Lori Lansen's "Rush Home Road," so grabbed this paperback, too

2) Breakfast

Haha! Despite my pronouncement in last night’s blog post that I would avoid a certain establishment on this trip, I only had two choices for breakfast. This…

oh no!!!

or this!…

at least they were located at opposite ends of the corridor!

So I went 50-50:

a very puny (yet nicely crunchy) apple from the buck; choc chip cookie from timmie's

  • 9:30-ish a.m. I board the plane. Last night when I printed my boarding pass, I was thrilled that I was automatically assigned an Exit Row AND a Window Seat! What karma!

the extra leg room makes this First Class to me!

 There was some minor shuffling necessary beside me as they seated a family with three kids (9,7,3 years old) in our row – no kids permitted in the exit row, so the flight attendants had to shuffle people around; I was not affected. As a result, I ended up with an empty seat beside me and a very quiet south asian man about my age on the aisle – Double Seat, Double Karma!

  • 9:30 a.m. Exactly on time, plane leaves the gate.
  • 10:20 a.m. We’re in the air!

view as toronto recedes into the distance below...

And now it’s time to read and do the Star Celebrity crossword!!

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