Now This is an Airport!

A surprise blog entry! It’s almost 11:30 a.m. and I am all checked in and super early for my flight to Toronto – scheduled for 1:20 p.m.

A quiet morning enjoying the last bit of Florida sunshine, then it was off to the airport. I left my hotel at 10:40 a.m. to allow lots of time – I don’t like to be stressed, especially if I am unfamiliar with what I’m doing my setting.

First task: car rental drop-off. Happily, there are signs posted every 50 feet, like “Car Rental Drop Off Turn Here” with arrows. My kind of signage! No line up to drop off the Black Stealth Machine. I was very pleased with this Nissan Versa – the seat was comfortable, the handling smooth, the gas mileage excellent (I’ll do a post next week with breakdown of expenses, but I ‘m pretty sure I spent less that $100 on gas for the two weeks – not bad considering all the wrong turns places I visited.

I asked a traffic attendant at a crosswalk where the Air Canada departure area was, and couldn’t believe when I wasn’t snarled at! The guy gave me clear instructions, then even followed and made sure I saw where he was pointing (I’m going to chalk it up to southern hospitality and not that I looked completely clueless).

I’m sure you’re familiar with the gongshow chaotic frenzy departure line-ups at Pearson. I kid you not, here’s the scene that faced me at the Tampa Air Canada area:

more agents than travellers, honestly!

I did not have to line up!! Actually had THREE agents motioning me to come to their desk! The nicest man in the world gave me a better seat on the plane (think I’m exit row again – this was not available when I picked my seat and printed my boarding pass yesterday), AND they take your checked baggage RIGHT THERE. None of this trucking your own baggage down a zillion corridors like at Pearson.

Time check: Remember, I left my hotel at 10:40 a.m….

yup, the watch doesn't lie!

Then on to the 10 second shuttle to the departure gates and Customs. No photos, as you’ll remember I am massively intimidated by customs procedures this is serious business! Whew – no issues at all, and there was all of 15 people ahead of me to go through the scanning procedure. Again, the agents were very calm, congenial, and relaxed.

…and here’s the time when I found my gate!

note the time on the clock! 45 from hotel to departure gate! zowie!

An announcement came over the PA System: “blah blah blah FREE INTERNET” – cool!!! And they have these cubicles at every gate:

like a library in here!

The bonus is that my photos are loading in about 3.2 seconds! Where was this power the days I had 30 photos to post up?!

So now I’ll get some water, wander a bit, then maybe get back on my computer and read some blogs!

Next post – the happy traveller will be back at the condo-casa!

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