Rained Out of Goderich!

You’ll remember that on our anniversary back in July, B and I were on opposite sides of the U.S. (me – Florida, he – California). We had decided before our trips that we would go back to Goderich the first chance we got to have a belated anniversary celebration day.

Today’s Civic Holiday Monday was perfect timing! I didn’t have to work at the store, B was unpacked and not yet needing to prep for next week’s trip (yes, B’s summer of hiking is continuing!), and the weather forecast predicted a high of 28 degrees with sunshine. Let’s go!

We got an early-ish start to our day – out the door just after 9:30 a.m.

more stuff for a day at the beach than two weeks in florida!

We took B’s truck and he drove…

notice the sun was shining when we left waterloo...

…and that gave me some knitting time!

yea! after three unsuccessful attempts, my lace pattern worked this time!

I rediscovered my love of Top 40 dance tunes in Florida (Katy Perry, California Girls, anyone?!) and have been reliving the joyousness of this type of bop ever since…

sadly, we lost the station before we got to St Agatha (aka 5 km from home!)

As we made our way to Goderich, I mentally counted down the towns, as per usual:


(I actually took this photo on the way home, heading back into Stratford because it was the best town sign. Despite a bursting bladder, B very kindly turned around when I missed the shot the first time by, and re-drove past the sign, slowing so I could catch my photo (“It’s all about the blog!!!”) – thanks, B! And Happy Anniversary, remember?!)



(Again, I reaallllly wanted the HOME OF LLOYD EISLER Seaforth sign, not the ubiquitous blue announcement of the upcoming town; got this one on the drive home…and it only required one drive by! :))



(I know there’s a prettier WELCOME TO GODERICH sign somewhere, but darned if I could locate it today…)

By the time we got to Goderich (a 1 hour 40 minute drive), it was decidedly overcast, but still really warm and humid. We decided to start our day with our favourite Goderich Loop Walk.

we start off up a pretty steep uphill from the beach - this angle does not do it justice

Last time, I showed you my favourite cottages. Today I’ll show you some of my favourite Grand Homes:

beauty in symmetry and proper upkeep!

i've always loved this glassed-in room - when little, i imagined playing board games and watching the lake from here!

Queen Anne style, i believe?...anyway, love the roofline...

ah, memories of homes in sarasota and naples...this one has been here a few years - they tore down the original home on this site...

We took a slight deviation from our usual route because I spotted this at the end of the road!…

i know we went to watch horse races at least once, when i was little!

I don’t think we actually bet any money, but I do remember a family contest to see how many “win-place-show” placings we each could predict!

Haha – today I was trying to get a photo of the grand stand with the lone horse and driver in front…well, my timing was ok, but this is what I snapped!…

grand stand? what grand stand!

Thanks to my detour, we also passed these swaying giants…

i'm dwarfed!

...same story from this side! (i've always loved giant sunflowers)!

We soon walked past one of my favourite residences on our walk:

the Pickle Man's House

Years ago, when we first started re-visiting Goderich, we would pass this house, and the elderly couple who lived here would be at that picnic table enjoying their lunch. The gentleman always had a huge jar of pickles right at his elbow, thus the name I gave this house. He reminded me a lot of my Grandpa C, with his lunchtime condiments, and with the impeccable condition of his gardens and lawn. A few years ago, it was evident that the couple no longer lived there – now, a young family resides there. It’s a gorgeous lot – the left-hand side there abuts the cliff that overlooks the beach/lake.

While we were walking, B commented that his legs already feel “mushy” (post-hike letdown, I believe, is his condition!). Only one way to remedy that situation! A down-up-down tour of THE STAIRS!!

giddy up!!

JUST after I took this photo, we felt a few blops of rain…say what?!!! We held out hope that a cloud was passing by…but by the time we walked from St Christopher’s Beach back to the pier end of the original beach, it was a constant, light rain. Because the temp was still really warm and humid, we enjoyed our slightly wet walk to the end of the pier!

a refreshing change! a photo that is NOT a self-portrait!

we're no weather experts, but we both agreed the sky was solid grey - this rainy system didn't look like it'd be moving along any time soon!...

no ships in for salt today!

We discussed our options, and decided to have our lunch in a sheltered area, then do a weather-check.

goods from our cooler bag!

It seemed like the rainy drizzle had let up…did we chance beaching it? Negs. We agreed that with the wet sand, no sun, and the threat of heavier rainfall hovering, we’d just do a tour of the Big Wheel downtown and be on our way.

Well, we no sooner parked the truck downtown than the rain drops grew about 1000%. And!…

no DONUTS for you!

With Culbert’s closed (even though it’s the Civic Holiday, I thought they’d be open to capitalize on holiday traffic? Guess not!), and the rain falling, we skipped our circular walk-about, and took it as a definitive sign that it was time to hit the road.

So, all in all, a bit disappointing to have a shortened, NO beach day, but on the other hand, we had a lovely walk and super time conversing on the drive up and back. (Note: this is the first time we’ve ever been rained out on our Goderich expeditions!) We both had to chuckle that we drove 1 hour 40 minutes x 2 to do our daily walk! 🙂

Better luck next time!

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