Kick-Off to Buyer Be-Aware Mondays!

Here’s a photo of our current peanut butter cupboard:

both b and i luuuv our nut butters

Sadly, you will note that the shelf no longer holds this divine gem:

Naturally More Natural Peanut Butter(source)

BEST. FIND. of my entire Florida trip. Haha: B is now hiking in Colorado…I wrote down the exact name, weight, lid colour, blood type of this peanut butter and begged him to please please PLEASE bring me some home, if at all possible. Fingers crossed although my chances stand at about 5%, I reckon). I’ll let you know!

Anyway: our #1 favourite of the options above is for sure the Kraft All-Natural peanut butter.

b devours it on toast with jam, i inhale it on apples

 We go through a jar about every 10-14 days. We’ve tried other all-natural brands, but love this one the best. Frankly, I was surprised as I was sure a little indie company would knock the socks off a corporate giant, but that’s the way our tastebuds vote!

Love the ingredient list:

100% select roasted peanuts

That’s right – one ingredient. Sodium? 0 mg. no added sugars, zero preservatives. Taste? Fantabulous!

So last week, it was time to purchase yet another jar of our p.b at Valumart.

Whoa-ho! What have we here? My little eye spied this new-to-me product:

let's check this out, said i!...

My initial thoughts were: ok! whipped p.b.! sounds healthy…let’s check the stats:

70 cals/tablespoon, zero trans fat...all good...


let's read through that ingredient list...

First, be aware there is 60 mg of sodium/serving. Not bad – in the States, I honestly was rather dumb-founded by some of the sodium levels in the brands I found (100+/tablespoon in some cases) – but when you can get zero, why do you need 60 mg?…Now sorry for the fuzzy photo, above, but I hope you can at least make out that there is more than one ingredient in that list. In fact, here IS the list: select roasted peanuts, soybean oil, sugar, corn dextrin, hydrogenated vegetable oil, salt, fancy molasses. That’s a lotta extras! (And THIS is cool! Read the link and you’ll find that “…corn dextrin also serves as a glue. In fact, it’s the glue that you find on the back of envelopes.”) Think I’ll stick with the one ingredient p.b., thanks!

This is kind of cool, too. I went to the Kraft website, searched “whipped peanut butter,” and this is what I found: information and nutrition on the whipped p.b. but they provide no list of ingredients!!!

There’s a high probability that the casual shopper will see the product, think “Oh, whipped = healthier, I’m gonna grab this!” without noticing that the ingredient list is not all that pure…

So, welcome to the initial post for Buyer Be-Aware Mondays! I’m genuinely intrigued by the worlds of marketing, advertising, and consumer awareness, and will be examining a product or claim that I come across each week. (For example, remember when I found the Eat Pray Love book in Florida – $1 for the trade paperback with Julia Roberts on the cover as opposed to the trade paperback without).

 I decided to call this Buyer Be-Aware instead of BEWARE because my intent is not to cast judgement or push my opinion on anyone; by being informed, however, we can make choices that best suit our interests and priorities.

Coming up! A Financial Post! (No, not that one, haha!) 🙂

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  • Deb  On August 9, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    Ahhh – and the myth of the low-fat, no fat brands and all the “extras” it takes to create the full fat taste/texture.

    Still marvel at a certain food savvy (NOT IN REALITY) relative choosing the low fat pb and non fat miracle whip followed by dramatically increasing serving sizes. Smart? Savvy? I think not!!!!

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