Eat, Pray, Loved It!

There’s nothing better than fun social outings in the summer. When I look back on the Summer of 2010, I will remember the huge number of movie outings I have enjoyed! Honestly, I believe I have set a new record in trips to the movie theatres: on my own, with B, with friends…it’s been fun to see a variety of films, and of course, rate them and add them to the Kiki Collection of 40 Movie Reviews!

Last night, was Eat Pray Love night. You can check out my film review here. I knew just the outfit to wear: my capri tights that I picked up in Florida:

what's better than love/peace/happiness theme-d tights for eat pray love viewing?!

excited for girls' night at the movies!

Met up with BFF Debbie and her friend Dawna at the cinema. I had never met Dawna before, but we both felt like we knew each other thanks to our friendship with Debbie.

dawna, debbie, me, outside the cinema

No lack of conversation at all as we waited for the movie to start.

And Julia Roberts did not disappoint in her starring role:

have been a fan of Julia Roberts ever since "Pretty Woman" - can't believe that was released in 1990!

The only problem with movie outings is you can’t visit through the movie! Happily, Debbie and I have plans for next week (stay tuned on that one!) and I do hope to meet up with Dawna again, too.


In other news…booking a ticket for a 2011 SOLO TRAVEL ADVENTURE! Will share the details tomorrow…only hint for you is courtesy of the Beach Boys…

“__ __ __ __ __, Jamaica, ooo i wanna take ya,

Bermuda, Bahamas come on pretty mama…”


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