Big C, little c, what begins with C?!

Cutie Claire Celebrates Comfortably,

C, C, C. *

it's my party and i'll NOT smile if i want to!

(*can you tell that Little E and I spent some time with Dr Seuss this past week!…)

Yes, Baby C is now a one year old! To commemorate her birthday, SIL Ana organized a family outing to Toronto Island today. I adore this place! Where else can you find rides and attractions, the beach, playgrounds and picnic tables, all balanced against peaceful and scenic paved trails and tons of quiet green space? AFTER a ferry ride, no less! Personally, I was delighted with this choice of venue – I LUUUUV Centre Island! My first visit was with SIL Ana, My Brother, Little E and Baby C a year ago, and I couldn’t wait to go back.

The outing was a bit touch n go until yesterday, due to conflicting weather reports which indicated heat/clouds/humidity/rain. In the end, thanks to The Doctor…

...or do you prefer tyrone???!

it was decided the party would go as planned, and we would chance the conditions.

Good call! We took the 9:50 a.m. ferry straight across to Centre Island.

little e, aunti and uncle b observed from the second floor - no luck spotting fish, whales or dolphins!...

beautiful birthday party braids!

We then made our way to the picnic tables to set up shop.

what's better than a cooler bag ride?!

wheeeee!!!! hold on to that handle, little e!

Given the choice of the beach, the playground or the splash pad, Little E chose to kick off the fun times at the splashpad (shades of aunti at that age! matters not that we had neither sun nor heat at this time)!

run run run!!!

Little E easily coerced Uncle B into getting wet…

good sport, uncle b!

…but preferred just checking out the site to crashing through the water herself!

the water's fine from back here, thanks!

The other guests soon joined in: G’ma and G’pa; Aunt Kimmy and Uncle Steve, then Aunt Cathy and Uncle Edgar arrived.

SIL ana, the birthday girl, aunt kimmy, uncle steve...

aunt cathy and uncle edgar!

(sorry, G’ma and G’pa! how’d I miss a photo of you both?!)
Before lunch, we had time to hit the beach…a little cool for swimming, but perfect for playing make-believe ice cream shop!

may i take your order?!

this time aunti was the waitress...strawberry ice cream and a banana split, please!


the spread...

We enjoyed a wonderful collection of yums, with contributions from everyone…

perfect picnic potluck choices...

My favourite today? Aunt Kimmy’s antojitos. Kimmy made Christine Cushing’s recipe, and they were delicious! Kimmy’s looked even better as she wrapped them more tightly. Baby C obviously agreed as she chowed down a full 2 and 3/4 antojitos!
Much mingling, chatter and banter ensued…



...and babyfolk!

Consuming the creative cake concluded our celebration!

cute or what!

SIL Ana’s cake-making mastery took centre stage for dessert!

"it's my cake! i should be able to divvy out the pieces, no?!"

happy birthday to YOU, baby c!

To conclude, a couple of casual family shots:

baby c's daddy's family members...

baby c's mommy's family members (just missing the grandparents today only!)

Ominous clouds started gathering in the distance, so we cleaned up, bid farewell to G’ma and G’pa who took the Centre Island ferry, to Cathy and Edgar who were staying awhile,  then the rest of the clan made our way to the Ward’s Island ferry for the return trip.

love the view of TO from the island

Many thanks to SIL Ana and My Brother for organizing today’s festivities. Count me in for a TO Island visit any time!
The birthday girl? She was in great spirits all day, content and comfortable, crawling and craving walking attempts with various caregivers. Then it was time to crash:


Would you believe we LITERALLY just got back to our cars and the rain started to sprinkle. By the time we hit the Gardiner, it was a full-fledged downpour! Thanks to the Man Upstairs for commendably co-ordinating a clear (if cool) day when it was most needed!
A baby’s first year of life is chock-full of constant developments. It’s been so exciting to see Baby C’s thrive and grow this year; here’s to many more moments of joy!
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  • Deb  On August 22, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    so did the rainy ending mean the cancellation of the additional TO time you and b were planning?

    • 1970kikiproject  On August 22, 2010 at 4:50 pm

      yes, unfortunately…we took it as a sign that our time in TO was over for the day…no worries, we’ll be back soon, i’m sure!!!

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