A Social Whirlwind!

Today has been a social blast from start to finish!

Here’s a recap:

Unfortunately, Grandma

is in the hospital. ūüė¶

Now I’m not THAT obsessive with the blog that I felt comfortable taking photos of the poor dear, propped up in her hospital bed, so I’ll just tell you how my visit played out. Happily, the hospital is within easy walking distance of our condo. To be honest, I was rather dreading the visit this morning – hospitals give me the willies. Actually, it’s worse than that. They make me feel like I have a vicegrip squeezing my stomache. But sometimes in life you just gotta suck it up. And I knew that a) I wouldn’t be staying all that long, and¬†b) Grandma would appreciate the diversion.

And you know what? We¬†enjoyed a genuinely wonderful visit together. Grandma is in quite a bit of pain (legs, lower back) but her mind is clear, despite heavy pain meds, and her spirit¬†is¬†positive. Sometimes I worry, too, that I’ll run out of conversation with these types of visits, but today that was sure not the case. We chittered and chattered the full duration of my visit. I then left her in the company of her cousin who arrived to visit.¬†I’ll add that the hospital atmosphere was a lot more pleasant than I anticipated, too. Hospitals are pretty stark environments, but at least GRH was clean and quiet today.

Early this afternoon, I had an appointment with my chiropractor, Adam. I know Adam from the clinic talks he gives at the store from time to time, so it was great to chat and hear about his triathlon race this past weekend, and just have a lovely gabfest while I got some ART done on my tight adductor/hamstring.

From there, it was on to my most eagerly anticipated social event of the day! A visit to see a new baby!

meet Baby Matias!

Baby Matias is the one-month old son of my second cousin, Heidi, and her husband Jim.

heidi and baby m!

What a snuggly little armful he is!

not interested in the camera - let me sleep, says baby!

Since Jim is Asian, Matias¬†has the most beautiful blend of Asian and Caucasian features – of course, I could be a little biased! ūüôā

Heidi and I had a delightful visit – she’s going to be a great mom. Happily, she has lots of supportive friends and family in town which is wonderful especially for a first-time parent.

Later this aft, I popped into the store to wish my friend Sarah bon voyage – she and her husband are off to Ireland tomorrow for a visit with Wes’ extended family, and some touring around. And I returned her DVD of “Rescue Me, Season One.” B and I finished the last episode last eve. We are so hooked! Great show. We have to get our hands on Season Two ASAP.

Lastly, BFF Debbie and I have enjoyed emails back and forth today, mostly regarding this article¬†from the National Post (10¬†over-rated Canadian authors). Given that part of the Kiki Project involves books, and that I have read¬†works by most¬†of the authors mentioned, I loved this article! Apparently, the 10 most UNDER-rated authors will appear tomorrow – you may wish to check that out. I know I’m intrigued!

In regards to today’s over-rated list, I have read (or attempted to read) a work by everyone except John Raulston Saul and Erin Moure. Of the eight other names, I am in total agreement that there are way better Canadian authors out there who deserve their acclaim –¬†Miriam Toews, David Gilmour, for example. I would only exempt Douglas Coupland from The List as I have read about 3-4 of his novels and quite enjoy his creative quirkiness. Check out The Gum Thief, if you need a recommendation. And I would read him again in the future.

What’s your opinion? Thoughts, anyone?!

And now, ’tis evening, and after catching up with B, I think I am all talked out for this day! Gotta get my rest as I am spending the next two days with my two favourite girls! There will be NO silent moments, I guarantee!

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