Buskers in Pictures

This weekend is the annual Buskers Festival in Uptown Waterloo.


As long as the weather is favourable, we love to attend every year. And this weekend rocks in the weather department! We’re blessed with sun, heat and bright skies for the last weekend of August (big boo hoo on that).

great weather = huge crowds. good to see!

Buskers combines street performers with a midway-type atmosphere. The mid-way was bigger and better this year:

fair-type grub...

look, little e!!! ice cream cone truck!!

sidewalk chalk artist - reminds me of "mary poppins!"

rides galore!

beginner mini-golf! love the pig in the back, there...

We took a tour down “the strip.” A couple of shows were in progress:

his act? balancing a unicycle on his face...

...and riding...

 He really wasn’t that entertaining so we tried this one:

this guy is standing a high pole...


....and different "utensils!"

Unfortunately, this guy was rather boring…I like performers who are HYPER and SUPER-CHATTY and this guy was just rather quiet. We stayed a few minutes then moved on…to…wait for it…man, was I excited!…

is this not the best game ever invented!?

I had to play.

gettin' my game face on!


did i mention i love this game?! laughing so hard, i could hardly whack!

Sadly, I was not victorious. 😦

I am blaming THIS…

the guy MADE me take this whack-a-mole spot - how can i get a "leg up" on the competition like this?!

So I had to play again. This time I finessed my technique (wait then whack instead of madly flailing at all five mole holes) and got more points…

come on, you little critters!!


Guess what?! Lost again! To that girl behind me. I don’t care about getting the stuffed animal (although Little E and Baby C would have been the beneficiaries, I just like to W-I-N!!!).

Back up the street to…

another balancing act...

This guy (“Bike Boy” from Somerset England, according to the program guide) had a british-cockney accent and was pretty low-key with the joke attempts…

yup, swallowing a balloon...

balancing + bicycle + juggling = ...boring?!

Yea, sorry, but this guy just didn’t do it for us…the pace of his act seemed glacial.

SIDE NOTE: Despite the large crowds, I thought everyone seemed more…disengaged than in previous years. Perhaps because the acts were of lesser quality than we have seen previous years? I admit to being disappointed with the acts and performers we caught. Is the fact that there are Buskers this weekend in Toronto having an impact? (Although, apparently, Waterloo crowds are more financially generous…).

However, we did end our Buskers Tour with Fire Guy (below) and I give him credit for a good show: he was funny and talented and could make jokes spur of the moment, as opportunity arose, just as a good busker should.

a real show-man...

flaming devil sticks...

yes, he has the balloon in his nose...and the other end soon popped out his mouth! i love immature humour sometimes!!!

juggling seemed to the theme this year...

audience assistance...the performers always seem to have a knack for picking good sports...

fire guy's grand finale! thru the star of fire on his skate board!

 So, Fire Guy wins the star award, and we thoroughly enjoyed this performance. An excellent summer’s eve outing!

Until next year!

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