We’re up and running, officially, with my new routine of taking care of Baby C on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Here’s my schedule: I drive to The Brother and SIL Ana’s place on Tuesday eves, play the day away with care for Baby C for the two days, then drive home again Thursday eves. I call this lifestyle doing the Wonder Woman Twirl:


One minute I’m living with B in as a DINK, then after a one hour drive, I’ve transitioned to “playing mom” for a large part of my day. And I love the variety!

(SIDENOTE:I also cared for Little E from ages 1-3 three days a week, so this has not been too much of a shock to the system, really).

Today, I was struck by Baby C’s hands. At 13 months of age, handling objects, pointing, reaching, touching – this is how she is learning about her world.

fascinated by blackberry technology already!

i've discovered over the past few "transition weeks," that this is Baby C's preferred method of sitting while strollering!

what we call "dance party" - Baby C holds her wrist like this then waves it in a circular motion; has she been watching SYTYCD?!

Baby C fully prefers FINGERS to any other eating utensil; gets interesting at times!

...and nothing beats holding hands. 🙂

And, of course, she already knows how to “gimme 5!”

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