Change is in the Air

There was just enough of a chill this morning that I decided to put mitts on Baby C. They probably weren’t totally necessary, but I would rather err on the side of having them and not needing them than wanting them and not having them:

doing the royal - if fleecy - wave!

Happily, Baby C was enamoured by her mitts right away. Within a couple blocks she was madly clapping, dancing and flinging her arms up and down…all while giggling contentedly:

mid-clap...or is that mid-dance??!

 These mitts are genius in that you can clip them onto baby:

i know of several adults who could benefit from this design system, too!

So glad that Baby C took to wearing mittens so quickly! I can’t tell you how many mitts I lost with Little E; unlike Baby C, E never really enjoyed having her hands covered – her arm flings were more like, “Get these hand traps off of me!!!” Hopefully, my luck will be better with Baby C.

Along with the difference in air temp (last Thursday was so hot, I had to seek out shady streets when Baby C and I ventured out), there are other signs that we ain’t in summah’ anymore:

ah, the jokesters!

And this happened other years, too: our favourite park becomes totally deserted once the clock strikes twelve Labour Day arrives:

just like having our own fully-equipped backyard!

I don’t know why everyone stops coming to the park like this! Today is overcast and cool, but by all means not park-unfriendly. Oh well, their loss. And the best part! When the sandbox looks like this when you arrive…

communal toy sharing is the law of this playground

…you sure don’t have to worry about putting any toys away before you leave!

I knew we wouldn’t be going over here today:

no workout for these guys, today!

Whereas you could hardly tear Little E away from the swings (and that continues today), Baby C is not at all a fan…to each their own!

Another divine baby invention:

Baby C, foot model

Looks like socks and shoes, right?! NO!!! It’s an all-in-one sock + shoe! And thanks to the fitted top of the sock, perfect for the sandbox as no sand gets in. Thanks to the rubber sole, it’s also non-slip so C can get a good grip as she explores. I know what you’re thinking: yup, if I could find an adult version, I’d be sold on it! (Would look no more *unique* than the Vibrams, eh!)

Lastly: today is the first day of TIFF!!

yea, TIFF!

I keep hoping that one of these years some Level A celeb will leave Yorkville and venture further afield to our ‘hood. Hey, it could happen! I only missed Katie Holmes at Toronto Island by one day – my luck has got to change!

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