Buyer Be-Aware Monday: Let Your Money Do The Talking

One of the benefits of living in the heart of Uptown Waterloo is the opportunity to “Support the Independent.” Now, I have nothing against the retail Corporate Giants like Chapters, Loblaws, Starbucks, and chain restaurants like Cora’s – in fact, I adore the selection at each of these locations. And let’s not forget that I work for a store with over 100 locations! But it pleases me greatly when I can shop at places like Wordsworth Books and Vincenzo’s Fine Foods, and purchase treats at The Huether or brunch at Angie’s.

You may feel that where you purchase goods and find entertainment means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Maybe not, if you just consider one purchase, one outing. But over time, (repeat visits, multiple years of spending), you can make a statement with how you shop.

If you are a regular shopper at a store, you are inherently supporting the ethics, the mores of that retail establishment. Don’t like that Nike manufactures shoes in China? Don’t buy a Nike shoe. Don’t like Walmart‘s treatment of its employees? Don’t shop there. With the wealth of shopping options at our fingertips, it’s easy to take your business elsewhere when you come up against a policy or practice that you don’t agree with.

This sign caught my eye last week:

sign in a storefront window

To be blunt, this sign offends me – it’s discriminatory! Can you imagine the uproar if the sign said NO WHEELCHAIRS or NO CHILDREN?! This is one place in which I would refuse to spend a dime because I don’t agree with the owners’ philosophy. On this street, it is simply not safe nor desirable to leave a stroller sitting out on the sidewalk. And tell me a wobbly toddler is not capable of wreaking a little havoc?

The stance on no strollers at this store is a rather extreme example of what a store owner will allow or not. Here’s another example:

not just banning dogs! don't bring your parakeet in here, either, apparently!

This request makes a little more sense in terms of sanitation and safety. But if you’re a lover of our furry or four-legged friends, you might take exception to this store’s policy.

Best be-aware of an eatery’s payment options BEFORE you eat, or embarrassment may result!

is there a bank machine close by?!

One request I DO appreciate is when spas, restaurants, and cinemas require patrons to turn off their cellphones. Common curtesy is always in order; given our proliferation of personal technology devices and the lack of etiquette of some users, it is necessary to state the obvious and request some consideration!

Bottom line: shop where you feel comfortable. Just realize that you do make a statement, explicit or implied, with your spending practices.


Did you know it’s also NEON MONDAY?!

Sarah and I had the pleasure of working together today since our manager was still off, enjoying some well-deserved vacation time. Since we both have the same shoes, we thought it would be funny to revisit high school practises each wear our hot-pink Nike Free shoes at the same time – they’re not exactly plain!

sole sisters unite!

Gave us a giggle during my shift, anyway!

...and the same colour of shirt! can't get much more matchy-matchy!

Fun times on a Monday!


Stay tuned for the next post – it’s going to be extra-special because we’re celebrating!!!…. 🙂

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  • Julie Parkins  On September 14, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    Hi Cathy!
    I must say unfortunately I am a big time hater of the stroller. I have had too many experiences in my kids’ primary school’s narrow corridors being bonked in the ankles by them. Part of the problem is that they’ve gotten so big! They are like mini cars now! Half the time the people pushing them don’t even know they are hitting me! Then, of course, there isn’t room to get by — so I can see why small shop owners wouldn’t want them inside. I say, bring the sling, or the umbrella stroller shopping or to school, or don’t bring it at all!!
    Voilà, there is my unbiased option — and I’m even a mom and past owner of an umbrella stroller.
    Very happy to leave my first comment on your blog — love it so far.

    • 1970kikiproject  On September 14, 2010 at 4:16 pm

      thanks for your viewpoint, J!
      you know, i can appreciate that not all stroller pushers push politely…i am betting it is a case of “one bad apple spoils the barrel” – would just take one unfortunate incident to make a shop-owner leary of strollers!

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