Buyer Be-Aware Monday: RockTape

I really get quite envious when I read other blogs and see that the blogger is the happy recipient of free goodies that x company has shipped to her to review. Part of the fun would be to test the product. The rest of the fun would be just being able to say that I received products for free and that my review and opinion are my own. (Did you know that there are actual bloggie rules  for when you review a product, received for free? True!)

Well, no one has sent me anything for free yet. Unlike Katie who received a cornucopia of nut butters! Then again, I’m also thankful I’m not Holly, whose request to review Bragg products was denied because the company felt her lifestyle wasn’t healthy enough! I tell ya, it’s a soap opera world in blogland some days!

But I digress. Today’s Buyer Be-Aware segment has been in the works for a couple of weeks! And it includes something I got for free!

When my manager at the store, Paul, showed me some samples of RockTape, I immediately had the brainwave to make B try them out.

Poor B – for over a year now, he has been plagued by nasty plantar fasciitis. It truly is the dickens to get over. Funny enough, B can hike up and down mountains, literally, all summer long, and not feel a thing; he returns to our concrete jungle, goes back to time on his feet teaching, and the old PF roars back to life. So when Paul told me about RockTape, I hoped that it could help B and his frustrating foot situation.

So full disclosure: the samples of RockTape I used were free to me. The opinions and findings, though, are 100% my own. (Oooo, that was fun to type!)

the product

So what is this stuff? Our sample included the free tape, above, and full instructions. RockTape is a form of supportive tape, more or less. Our instruction sheet showed how to apply RockTape to provide extra support for issues athletes face with: the IT Band, the thigh, the shoulder, the achilles tendon, the shins, the groin, the lower back, the calf, the neck, the sciatic nerve area and the knee – and of course to the feet, for plantar faschiitis.

i'm really impressed by the detailed instructions included!

So late Saturday afternoon, we got to work RockTaping B (I know, rockin’ good times at our Condo Casa on Saturday nights!)

is that a plea for rocktape or a plea to get out of being my victim?!

 I followed the diagram provided…

it's not brain surgery, but i wanted to apply the stuff correctly!

missed my calling: shoulda been a physio!

According to the directions, we were to attach the tape from B’s heel to the base of the toes. It says NOT to stretch the tape, but if we do this again, we are going to stretch it slightly as B hasn’t yet felt any support from these longitudinal attachments. The second step involved taping around B’s arch. B reported that he DID notice the additional support in this mid-region of his foot.

the tape applies easily; it's also not too sticky or tricky to work with

Ta da!

just look at that application!

let's cover all angles...

Sunday: B walked on the treadmill in the morning. Reported no difference in his feet before/during/after this workout. In the afternoon, we went on our usual Sunday Long Walk (about 1.5 hours) – now while he didn’t notice a difference while walking, B did report afterwards that his foot was less stiff than usual. All right!

Monday Morning: The RockTape has now been through the shower two times:

uh oh...

Yup – the tape is peeling off the bottom of B’s foot. It’s supposed to last through about five days of wear and tear…

...and it's coming loose on the top of the foot! oh dear!

The final trial: a day at the college, walking around on the concrete floors for several hours…

B’s comments: “The stuff [that would be the thin strips] underneath is a waste. The wrap around the middle actually might be working.” 

My questions: Would you pay money for this product? “No.” which then changed to “I’m undecided. Here’s the thing: I didn’t have a shower this morning. If I had a shower, came out of the shower, how would I dry it? I’d put my sock on, put my shoe on, I’d have a wet foot. And why is this any better than athletic tape? I could buy a whole frickin’ role of athletic tape for less money. So I would say no.”

Would you try it again? “Yes. I would try it again, I just wouldn’t pay the money for it.”

Did you feel any benefit at all over the 48+ hours that you wore the RockTape? “Maybe my foot has not gotten worse. But I can’t say it’s gotten better. Maybe it’s prevented a decline.”

My conclusions? After examining the diagrams, I am impressed by the versatility of this product. The promo materials state that this tape works for swimmers, runners, cyclists…I’d love to see how it works with someone with another athletic ailment.

I would bet that this tape would help in a race situation or as a temporary “quick fix.” I would hesitate to suggest it to someone, like B, who is dealing with a chronic situation. Other forms of rehab are likely more effective.

RockTape retails at my store  for $19.99.

Thanks for being my guinea pig, B! And thanks, RockTape, for the free sample!

ETA: After shower #3 on Monday eve, the RockTape COMPLETELY came away from B’s foot…so the claim that it will last five days is a bit of a stretch…unless you shower less than daily!


In other news that is neither here nor there…

Remember the stash of ORBIT gum that B brought back for me from the States? I chewed my last piece today. 😦

back to nom-nomming on Extra...although i have some STRIDE and a REACT 5 to try now, too!

I finished a baby blanket last eve:

i love brights for babies; i shy away from traditional pastels

I’m semi-pleased with this final product: I love the feel of the yarn, love the colours. NOT SO HAPPY with the blotchy patterning that emerged, as you can see in the photo. This was actually really hard yarn to work with in terms of finding a pattern that looked good with the bright variegation in colours. I ripped out multiple possibilities before settling on this lace pattern!

a pretty simple 4-row repeating pattern - was fun to do!

After several attempts to watch this season’s Mad Men episodes (that would be Season Four) that I have stockpiled on PVR, I give up. The show is just not doing anything for me this time ’round, despite the eye candy stellar acting of a certain Don Draper. It’s so incredibly BORING! (Even more boring than “The American!” Click here if you missed my review…)


 Or is that Dick Whitman?? Maybe I’ll just read the episode recaps online…

What I AM finding tres fun is Top Chef!! Go Angelo!!! No, it does not inspire me to cook, sorry.

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  • Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)  On September 22, 2010 at 2:11 am

    i have plantar fasc that comes and goes, comes and goes, if you really feel this product WORKS, id try it…but lmk 🙂

    • 1970kikiproject  On September 22, 2010 at 6:37 am

      thanks for your comment, averie! save your money…i need to update the blog and add that after shower #3, the tape came off COMPLETELY!!! hubs’ report is that he would use the product again but not pay $ for it. he thinks the benefit came from the act of using tape, not necessarily RockTape and athletic tape is cheaper! can’t wait to see your tat! super exciting! have a great day! Cathy!

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