Maybe This Season?

This is it. Tonight it all begins. My beloved Maple Laughs Leafs kick off their 2010-2011 season with a home opener vs the storied Habs of Montreal.

I’m excited. I started watching hockey the winter I turned twelve. This was in the era where staying home on a Saturday night did not yet depress me, so to my mind, there was no better way to spend the mid-weekend evening than parked in front of the TV watching the likes of Mike Palmateer, Jim Korn, Stewart Gavin (my favourites). I knew who was who simply by the number on the back of their shirt.

I no longer know who even all players are on the team. And I miss more games than I catch on TV. But once a Leafs fan, always a Leafs fan, in my book anyway.

Last year I finally made it to my first real live game. The energy was palpable as soon as we stepped into the ACC. During the game itself, the air absolutely crackled electric, the feeling that comes when a mass of people rally together in support of a cause. Even though our seats were in the ACC nosebleeds way up high, I loved cheering the players, jeering the refs, hearing sticks slap the puck, blades slice the ice.

the jersey was a christmas gift years ago; about 75% of fans were supporting Leafs Nation with their apparel choice!

So what will this year bring? Likely the Leafs are gonna suck (just sayin’). But I just can’t help hoping beyond hope that by a miraculous force of hockey karma, my team will rise and conquer.

Go. Leafs. Go!

ETA!!! (9:45 pm) final score: TO 3 and Montreal 2.

We’re batting 1000 on the year!!! (nothing like mixing your sports metaphors).

Well, it’s a positive start, anyway!!!

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