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Hey friends!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

If you’re in Southern Ontario, you’ll agree that this weekend is beeeeauuuuu-ti-ful!! Honestly, today was a dream of a fall day with bright sunshine and mild temps. And do you agree that this year the leaf colours have been out of this world? Some years, there seems to be preponderance of browns; this year, bright red and orange dominate the fall foliage. Love it. Colourful leaves is but one thing I will give thanks for this weekend!

Today is October 9th. That means the 1970 Kiki Project is nine months old and that three months from today is my birthday. It’s time for our “how we doin’?” project check-in. We have three months left in which to complete the project!

(If I could post video on my blog, I’d insert Kisha’s “Tick Tock” song – this link is the closest I can give you (one of my fave songs, BTW). And a photo:

OK, moving on!…

Here is my nine month report for ya:

40 Movies: 28 movies watched.

Right where I want to be. We have plans for a movie outing next weekend, so my goal is to be at thirty movies by the end of October. I’ll feel comfortable if I attain that number. Worry level: 3/10.

40 Reads: 37 different books, magazines or newspapers read.

We’re on cruise control with this category. I could conceivably accomplish this goal any day, should I choose to veg out with three magazines. I DO wish to finish off with three books, however. Currently, I’m reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s slow as molasses in January, to be honest. Not sure if I will persevere. I have no deadline to finish by, as BFF Debbie was kind enough to pass along her copy; I need more Elizabeth, less dissertation, s’il vous plait. And Dan From the Store  lent me “Born to Run,” so that’s next in the queue. I have a number of novels on my Christmas List, but can you imagine the pressure if I had to read a novel between December 25th and January 8th? The horror! But it just may come down to that!! Worry level: 1/10 (thanks to the fall-back-on-a-magazine plan).

40 Recipes: 29 baked goods completed.

In the past nine months, I have grown the most in this category. I honestly enjoy baking now, and can even get excited about it. My confidence has increased, I have a better idea of baking chemistry (ex: you can’t beat Crisco in cookies) and there are new frontiers yet to conquer. I plan to contribute a recipe next weekend when my family celebrates Thanksgiving – something seasonal. Yet not too complex as I have a busy week – this will not be the occasion for which I tackle baklava! Not toooo stressed about having eleven recipes yet To Do. I cannot rest on my laurels, but worst case scenario, Icould power-bake eleven recipes of muffins, have one very stuffed yet happy husband, and call it a day! Worry level: 5/10 (cuz I really don’t want to bake eleven recipes of muffins!)

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend! Gobble, gobble!

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  • deb  On October 9, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    I warned you! BTW I got thruz, not that it got better but I sucked it up

    • 1970kikiproject  On October 9, 2010 at 10:02 pm

      you did indeed warn me!…and if it does not get better, as you say…i might be throwing in the towel! just finished the part about the hmong women…feel like i could answer jeopardy questions on the subject!!!

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