Thankful for Rainbows!

I’ve just been snapping photos of my latest recipe (#30 of the 1970 Kiki Project!) and found these photos on my camera. How did I forget about them!?!

When I was driving to Toronto last Tuesday eve, the weather was just clearing…well, in Kitchener, anyway. (It poured rain from Cambridge to Toronto that eve). THE MOST AMAZING rainbow appeared just as I hit the Expressway. It was a full half moon shape across the horizon.

exhibit a

exhibit b

Then, as if a full 180 degree rainbow is not enough, a DOUBLE RAINBOW appeared:

exhibit c

Yes, I was driving and taking photos – full disclosure. And I’m not sorry. This was such a thing of awesome beauty, it had to be captured. And yes, mumsy, I was being very careful!

exhibit d

 Later in the eve, several people remarked on Facebook that they, too, had witnessed the sky-crossing rainbow. It was a “where were you when….” moment!

exhibit e

When I was a little girl, I had a book of Bible stories entitled, “God Keeps His Promise.” The front cover displayed a glorious rainbow. To this day, I always think of that book whenever I see a rainbow.

exhibit f

What are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving Monday? Along with rainbows and amazing coloured fall leaves, I give thanks for family, friends, health…the list could go on indefinitely! Happy Thanksgiving Monday!

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