friends AND family

’twas a most marvelous thanksgiving monday!

the morning was composed of blogging, baking and blogging about baking, in that exact order.

mid-afternoon, we headed out for a fall walk. this could be one of the last weekends of spectacular leaves…

see, they're starting to fall already...

…so the goal was to leaf-watch (too bad not a Toronto Maple Leaf watch, haha!) and chitchat. b and i enjoy very much our walk n talks.

this time i took the self-portrait (remember the skills acquired in florida!)

we had just started out, and we see a woman coming towards us with a large blue umbrella…imagine our surprise when it turned out to be my aunt sharon! what a coincidence! cousin alex was playing in a soccer match nearby, so she was out for her walk!

i love unexpected meet-ups with family!

b and i circled the park, then went through the park in a loop-de-loop fashion.

outskirts of the park...

must share a few more awesome fall colour shots:



crimson, scarlet, deep favourite shades

around supper time, we made the long commute to our thanksgiving gathering:

jeff lives right below us! gotta love when you can travel in your socks!

jeff pulled out all the stops: a FULL turkey dinner with all the fixings. we gathered with friends from our building to enjoy each other’s company and jeff’s feast:

our host, jeff, with his girl-friend, katie

chef jeff, in action

party people, unite!

jeff's daughter jillian (attending u of w - good choice!), and fiance duncan (who adds international flair, seeing as he hails from australia!)...

our 4th floor neighbour, lou, who is running the nyc marathon on nov 7th; go, lou, go!

1st floor neighbour, sue (who teaches high school phys ec; i love talking sports/school/fitness with her! and b!

1st floor neighbour karen (one of my favourite workout room buddies!) and jillian; btw, no one was really watching football, i think, except maybe duncan!

jeff (that turkey carving is time-consuming!); me; jillian...

let the feasting begin!

buffet + casual seating = perfect party/visiting atmosphere!

the food may be over, but the conversation still flows!

duncan; me; b...

katie, duncan...

aron and raquelle, 2nd floor neighbours, arrived just as dessert appeared – perfect timing!

easy-going aron!...

b; lou; raquelle (great to chat with, always); sue

all in all, it was a fantastic thanksgiving. i really enjoyed just being around home, and having the opportunity to just chill out in the condo casa, walk with b, meet up with sharon, visit and share a traditional thanksgiving celebration with friends.

my family gathers this weekend! i’ll report back on the festivities! hint: our thanksgiving get-together is not traditional, nor does it involve turkey!

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