So Long, Trailer Park Jacket!

About four or five years ago now, B and I were totally into watching Trailer Park Boys. We both find them hilarious (very surprising since B and I have different senses of humour, most of the time). It was around this time, too, that celebs like Avril Lavigne had made the wearing of trucker hats a raging fashion trend.

At the store, we were carrying a short-lived Walking Room line of clothing. Frankly, the items did not sell well, and quite quickly went on sale. The winter walking jacket had caught my quirky-fashion eye, and then it went on sale. I figured out that with my staff discount, I could pick up a new winter-weight jacket for $25! Given my trailer park mindframe in that era, me + wearing this jacket tickled my funny bone, and I picked it up.

Well. Did not this jacket become durn-near my favourite piece of clothing ev-ah. I wore it non-stop all that first winter. About mid-way through the second winter of wear, the zipper broke (hey, waddya expect for $25, right?). I took it to my local tailor shop and had it replaced. I think that cost me, like $21 or something…but I’d pay just about anything to keep on truckin’ in my trailer park jacket.

Add on another winter of wear. And quite possibly another. That brings us to this upcoming winter. The coat is not lookin’ good folks. No sirree, Bob. Even I could see that I had devolved from trailer park inhabitant to looking like a homeless person. Sad times.

the one and only...

but i sooooo love this jacket! roomy, warm, big pockets, high neck, longer sleeves...

and those would be BACKPACK lines - fading ups the trailer park image!

even i gotta say...the jacket's gotta go!!

...but i really, really loved you, trailer park jacket! ❤ ❤ ❤

But guess what happened to land on the sale rack at the store, not so long ago? A black, semi-puffy coat (we’ll talk about puffy coats in general another day). And this one is actually designed for women. It’s part of the Pink Ribbon clothing line. The style didn’t sell so well in our store, but I think that’s because the original price point was $139.99. BUT, on sale AND with my discount, I picked up a replacement trailer park jacket yesterday for a very reasonable $69.99. That ain’t no $25 deal, but I think it’s time to move outta the park, kids. Movin’ on up…

sleeker lines...

i still got pockets, nice high neck, longer sleeves...

like the look? i do!

My first inclination was to wash Trailer Park Jacket and donate it. B declared it fit for the refuse bin. Then this morning, I had a brain-wave. I’m not at liberty to share it with you right now; suffice to say, I’m storing this jacket for future use…not for public use, but it will come in handy for a very specific occasion. Sorry to be mysterious, but the day will come when you see Old Man Walking Coat again.


It’s been a wonderful weekend! If you have a second, you may wish to check out the latest movie review and the latest baking success!

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