Just One Thing

We’ve lived in the condo casa for just over six years now. Really, I don’t miss anything from our days of owning a house. Our current lifestyle suits us perfectly. And there are minimal inconveniences living in a multi-unit building as opposed to a house. I used to say I missed just hauling the groceries into the hallway from the garage; but since I’ve transitioned to doing a little grocery shopping every day at Valumart across the street, that’s really no longer an issue.

No, the only thing I would have to say that I miss about a house is…decorating for holidays!! And would you believe, I prefer Hallowe’en decorating to Christmas.

Baby C and I enjoyed our decoration sightseeing-by-stroller tours this week. Baby C has caught on well to aunti’s enthusiastic commentary, and becomes very animated when I point out “pumpkin!” “ghostie!” or “spider webs!” And, of course, with her keen eye for household pets, she spies the neighbourhood kittie-cats before I do!

Just a few shots of the best of the ‘hood:

the AC/EC pumpkin family!

now THAT'S a pumpkin!!!

how did they train their cat to stay on the porch like that?! (that is a real cat amongst the decorations!)...

...cuz there's another one!!!

winner of the "best cobwebs" award

...and the runner up!

best spider-web award...

award for most splatted witches in a front yard...

...and the happiest happy hallowe'en signage award...

...plus a runner-up!

And last but not least…

the Hallowe'en Spirit Award, Toddler Category! (note the spidey-bracelet as well as the seasonal onesie!)

…although I could be judged for being biased on that one!


Your daily smile:

smart thinking, or what!

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  • Julie Parkins  On October 29, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    It is so cool to see the Halloween decorations in Canada. I miss that every year here in France. Halloween is not a tradition here, so we just don’t get the big decorations and candy. The kids can go trick or treating, but perhaps only half of the houses on the block participate and their idea of “treats” is very different. My kids have received (in addition to candy) toothbrushes, yoghurt, and a huge bag of chips one year!! The nice thing is that the Halloween “junk” is finished quickly and Mommy isn’t eating it!

    • 1970kikiproject  On October 29, 2010 at 4:20 pm

      that’s too funny, julie! i can’t imagine receiving yoghurt for a hallowe’en treat! i love hearing the cultural differences. hope the boys have better luck with some “treats” this year!

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