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11 Things To Like About November

I can’t stand November. Of the twelve months of the year, it rivals March as the least likeable month of the year. The reason it would win worst ranking is because at least in March, you have the spring to look forward to. November? We have shorter days and worse weather to anticipate. *Nice.*

That being said, we are not Gloomy Gus’es or Negative Nellies in this corner. In honour of November being the eleventh month of the year (can you believe we’re at this point of 2010 already?!), here are eleven things to look forward to this month! (In no particular order):

11. Daylight Savings Ends this Saturday, November 6th. What will you do with your extra hour on Saturday eve?! Sleep? Party? Enjoy that extra sixty minutes of BONUS TIME…it happens but once a year!

10. The New York City Marathon runs (pun intended!) on Sunday, November 7th! Very few marathons are televised (like, only Boston and the Olympic editions, to the best of my knowledge) PLUS NYC. Get inspired or gaze in awe. Catch the marathon on TV on Sunday at 2 pm on WGRZ/NBC. My PVR is set! Online, here’s the NYC Marathon website. You can follow a runner, if you know anyone participating, or follow the leaders with online tracking through this website.

9. Grey Cup! To be honest, I no longer really follow football. And if I do watch, it’s NFL all the way. That being said, a Cup Game brings out my inner sports nut, so I may make the effort to watch. Plus, it’s an excuse to have a social gathering and be loud. Gotta support the Canadian Football League at least a little! The game goes down in Edmonton this year, on Sunday November 28th. ARGGGGHH!!!! (manly grunting sound!)

8. Dad’s Birthday!!! Another end-of-the-month celebration! Daddy-o’s special day is November 26th…shall I divulge the age?? OK, I’ll keep my mouth shut. Let me just say that this is the last year in a certain age bracket before he’ll jump age categories.

hey, papa!

7. No Snow Yet. Yes, it’s getting colder by the day. But at least the ground is dry. And usually we don’t get snow accumulation this month. I better not have just jinxed us all…

6. Pumpkin is Out. I admitted here that I OD’d on baking with pumpkin in October. Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin-spice candles, pumpkin recipes…let’s put ’em all away til next fall and let’s move on to…CINNAMON!! Anyone with me on this?! Cinnamon is PERFECT for November: robust, warming…bring out your candles, apple crisps…yum! Get excited about cinnamon this month in multiple ways, ‘K?

5. Knitting. Nothing is better for November than knitting. I’ll be click-clicking MY needles even more than usual! Not a knitter yourself? Then drape yourself in knitted goods and snuggle under a cosy knitted throw. Yum!!!

4. Christmas Prep But Not Yet Christmas Panic. I like to start holiday shopping in November. Selection is primo, the crowds are not yet out, and I have time to contemplate exactly what I would like to purchase. December hits and the frenzied mania begins, so get a jump start and at least write out a list this month, even if you don’t actually get to the buying stage!

3. Santa Claus Parades. Watching the Toronto Santa Claus Parade was a yearly tradition when we were growing up. I have fond memories of our annual viewing fest: we’d stop at McDonald’s after church, grab food to go (both McDo and take-out were special treats) then come home and park ourselves in front of the TV (no VCR, even, in the ’70’s!) and watch the parade. We’d often attend the local one, too. Still fun to see excited children lap up a parade atmosphere! The TO Parade is on Sunday, November 15th this year, while the K-W one is Saturday November 21st.

2. Special Events. November does not have to be thirty days of blah. Make plans to attend the Royal Winter Fair, One of a Kind Show, or for a local hidden gem, Fair November. Or, all three! That’d make the month fly by!

1. Not Yet a Lost Cause. What else could I possibly be talking about except…THE LEAFS!!! After a hot start, the hapless wonders are now 5-4-1. Typical. But since it’s only November, we’re mathematically still in the game. Many months of hopeless misery potential await!!! GOOOOoooooooooo Leafs!!!

whoop whoop!

So remember: Cinnamon. Knitting. Special Events. We can do this!!!