It’s Been a While

When we were at Jeff’s place on Thanksgiving Day, I enjoyed a most marvelous and animated discussion about cereal with Duncan and Jillian. We compared our favourites, dissed the stinkers, and shared preferred ways of eating this wonderful food staple (they’re not mixers, like me, but strictly one-type-per-bowl fans).

In Jillian’s opinion, I simply HAD to give Reese’s Puffs a try. This one strictly falls under the category of “no redeeming nutritional value whatsoever,” but I’m cool with that as who doesn’t want a just-because-it’s-yummy treat, once in a while?!

So I got my box…

perfectly fitting for hallowe'en, i thought, given the box colour!

I’ve had three bowls now, so feel qualified to give you the review…and I must say…this one is pretty much a STRIKE OUT. Now, the Puffs are not a complete fail. I like the texture, they hold their crunch, the peanut butter and chocolate flavours do not overwhelm, and surprising, they’re not as sickeningly sweet as you might imagine. But, there is a funny aftertaste, and the chocolate and peanut butter flavours taste manufactured and fake.

sugary puffs with a side of globe and mail!

The best combination thus far has been a mix of plain Corn Puffs (#31 in 40 Cereals) followed by a layer of Kashi Go Lean (#29) – I always need to laugh because after my less than complimentary review of Kashi, I’ve decided Go Lean does make a great-midlayer – topped with the Reese’s Puffs.

But still, this mix is not really that formidable


To each their own. To me, The Cap’n still rules for the crunch! Ooh – a thought! Is it weird if I give the rest of the box to Jillian since she loves the Puffs?? Hmm…just might do that. And replace the Puffs with something I truly adore!!

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  • Gina Unger  On November 2, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    I had to laugh when I saw that first picture in your post because… I bought two boxes of that cereal a few months ago and they are still sitting on the shelf in our garage! Let me explain. I went a bit nuts back in June when Safeway had a cereals/AirMiles sale. (Buy 5 boxes of cereal and get 100 AirMiles.) Well, YOU do the math! It’s a really good deal when you only have to spend about $20 to get 100 Airmiles. Otherwise we’re only getting 1 AirMile per every $15-$20 we spend! And we need these miles to get to Ontario for Christmas! SEE?!?! Anyhow, I came home with at least 40 boxes of different cereals. Most were Rice Krispies or whatever was least sugary, but I thought, why not splurge and buy a few new cereals for a change? So Reese Puffs was one of them.

    I actually liked them the first night I ate them (I ate them in secret for a night snack so our kids wouldn’t see me eating the “bad” cereal. Yes, it is sad that practicing what I preach does not happen as often as it should.) But I never went back to eating them again. Actually just thought of it again today when I saw them sitting there innocently on the shelf in the garage. They’re probably going stale.

    • 1970kikiproject  On November 2, 2010 at 9:41 pm

      now THIS is a great story, G.!!! i love the method behind your “cereal madness!” wow, what a cereal bonanza in your garage…can you imagine if i had access to 40 cereals?! maybe you should bring me some samples/leftovers when you come east for christmas! haha!

  • Deb  On November 2, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    I am with your friends and admit to being a cereal purist – 1 type per bowl please. Yes “donate” the rest of the box to Jillian!

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