I Resisted the Call…

….the call of the Saucony Kinvara, that is.


You’ll recall that I’ve been loving all shoes that are minimalist in style, of late. The last purchase was my Vibrams. See here if you missed their welcome to the family.

When I found out the store was carrying the Kinvara (my exact store didn’t receive it, but other locations did), I decided I needed these shoes. Runner’s World had reviewed them back in the spring  – see their comments here. Then when I was flipping through Canadian Running Magazine at work, I saw their positive comments, shown below:


Kinvara – $140

Saucony (Lightweight Trainer) Men’s 218g, 7.7oz / Women’s 189g, 6.7oz

This shoe is causing a sensation among the minimalist crowd, as it manages to combine the levelness and low ride height of other minimalist shoes with the comfort and cushioning of a regular training shoe. Our testers immediately fell in love with the high-performance feel of these lightweight trainers. There’s enough cushioning to protect the soles of your feet from the pavement (after all, were bare feet meant to run on asphalt?) and the extra material in the midfoot provides some stability. A wafer-thin, translucent upper facilitates maximum flexibility and comfort, while an inner layer of thin, flexible bands keep the foot in place. The outsole’s super-flexible triangular grooves further enhance the fast feel of the transition. A fantastic speedwork and racing shoe for biomechanically efficient runners. (source)


Oh yea, I was practically drooling in anticipation! So I brought the shoes in from one of our stores – and quickly put them on during my next shift.

Super comfy!

Super flexible and light!

But….the toe box felt a little loose. See, I have a very narrow foot to begin with, plus I like a snug fitting upper on my running shoes. And Saucony provides one of the widest toe box areas of any shoe brand.

But they were so cute!!! (The model I tried on sported the same colours as the photo, above – hot pink and white! They’re spectacular, I tell you!).

I put them back in the box and went home to reflect.

Next shift, I put the sexy Kinvaras on again and wore them around the store for a couple hours (perk of the job!). They honestly felt GREAT on my feet – as light as my Nike Frees (all three pairs, yup). Yet, something nagged me about the toe box. I had to tighten the laces so much that the fabric upper bunched a bit around the lacing system. And I could really wiggle my toes side to side.

I put them back in the box and went home to reflect.

The next morning – this was Monday of this week – I glumly sent the shoes back to their originating location. Despite the positive attributes (lightness, cushioning, cute colours, snug heel fit), I knew I wouldn’t be loving them due to the toe box being less than 100% for me. And a deal (staff discount!) is not a deal if the shoes won’t be venturing out of the box.

So while I may not have the Kinvaras, I do recommend them if you’re looking for a minimalist trainer or light racing shoe. Read this blog post here, all you fellow shoe geeks, for a very thorough review).

Me, I’m holding out for the fact that I put the Reebok Zigtechs…


…on my Christmas List and I really hope Santa comes through…I know these fit, and…I need a new pair of shoes, don’t I?!

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