Crazy Legs!

We all had a little chuckle this a.m. when SIL Ana brought Baby C downstairs:

striking a pose!

“Just what kind of get-up is that???!” was the general consensus, more or less (SIL Ana: please know I poke gentle fun, only!)

I thought Baby C looked ready to rock the 20 Minute workout, given her leg warmers. And C was ready for action! 

strongman competition: the knapsack haul

getting the proper be ready for the overhead knapsack TOSS!

taking a breather before a round of shot put

In all seriousness, the “crazy legs” tights were perfect for today’s slight November chill – Baby C was cosy-warm all day!).

And really, I cannot poke fun at the leg-wear on C today. Because here’s what I chose to wear out-and-about:

hopefully you are thinking, "black tights, so what?"

Remember when I went to MEC and got black longjohns? Well, they look just like any other tights I own…so I wore them solo today. Baby C was not the only cosy one today – I was feeling decidedly *hot*!

So my question to you is: would you wear longjohns or pajama bottoms etc if they’re not identifiable as non-traditional leg wear?

Please note, though, that I draw the line at wearing slippers to the mall…hmmm hmmm…not that anyone I know would ever do that, right Dad?!


Tomorrow night is movie night with friend Michelle! I’ll have review #32 up here before bedtime…

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  • Deb  On November 6, 2010 at 10:09 am

    have yet to see pj bottoms that could pass as street wear. people pj bottoms out is a definite What Not To Wear

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