Adventures in Babysitting

Today was a first for Aunti and Uncle: we were gifted the opportunity to babysit both Little E and Baby C at our place while SIL Ana and The Brother enjoyed a few hours of shopping followed by an outing to a fundraiser/silent auction. B and I were super excited for this chance to play parents for a few hours!

Here’s the lowdown on our four hour hoedown…

We started off with some outdoor adventures:

fall leaves throwdown!

big sister e is so funny with that leaf tossing!

...and on to the park! em loved the "flying saucer" swing...

....while baby c could not get enough of the slides!

we drove cars...

...and stepped up, down, and all around!

then we came home...

...after a little balance beam practice! (baby c really wanted in on that activity!)

While Aunti prepped mini-pizzas for supper, Uncle B very good-naturedly played dollies for the very first time!

it was a veritable fashion parade!

the dollies were rather tornado-ish while selecting outfits!

Just a couple pictures of supper hour…there was never a dull moment! While the planned menu may have been mini pizzas…that kinda morphed into mini pizzas… plus steamed tofu, yogurt, and cherry tomatoes. Rather random, but hey, it all balanced out nutritionally in the end!


Surprisingly (to me, anyway!), Baby C totally inhaled almost a full pizza round!…

nom nom nom...

….while Em got a special dessert treat:

lollipop, lollipop, o lolli lollipop...

We imported some special post-dinner entertainment…

cookie monster to the rescue!

...while three of us flaked out on the couch...

IN REALITY, replace Baby C with Uncle B. I think that was the only moment all evening that Baby C was stationary! She was our resident baby-a-go-go, pushing a wooden bench, the dining room chair, the doll clothes box, climbing up and down off the couch, touring around with dolly in tow…and smiling and giggling the whole time. We also read stories, played “upstairs-downstairs voice,” bounced on Aunti and Uncle B’s bed (if we can’t do some spoiling and special treats, we just ain’t playing this game!) and had a general, all-around GOOD TIME.

All too soon, SIL Ana and The Brother returned to claim their kidlets…

ready for sleepy time in the car (heard later this DID occur, not too long after departure!)

…and Aunti and Uncle B were left with an all-too-quiet condo casa.

i have a feeling the girls won't be the only ones who sleep well tonight!

Can Baby C and Little E come over to play again some time??! 🙂

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