Daily Archives: November 9, 2010


Happy Tuesday, November the 9th!

Since it’s the NINTH day of the month, it’s time to check in with the progress of the 1970 Kiki Project! Ten months in the bank and two months remain…let’s see what has yet to be accomplished…

40 Movies: 32 movies watched.

Only eight movies to go! As I mentioned to B the other day, I have a few movies that MUST be part of the project. I have already decided what the final movie will be – must go with my favourite all-time movie ever (any guesses?). My second favourite movie ever will also be part of the final eight (hint: it stars Mr Tom Cruise my second husband) – can you guess which one it is?! I’m not too concerned that eight movies remain – if I watched nothing until January 1st, I could still complete the project. Don’t think it will come to that.

40 Reads: 38 different books, magazines, newspapers read.

I finished “Born to Run” (the review is here) on Sunday. Two months in which to read two books? I should be able to accomplish that. It’s really no contest as I could just grab two magazines, like, NOW and be done with this project, like, TONIGHT. But I’ll aim to finish with two books/novels. [Note: I did ditch “Committed” by Elizabeth Gilbert, which I was reading when I gave you the Project Status last month. Sometimes you just gotta throw in the towel].

40 Recipes: 32 baked goods completed.

Didn’t go super gung-ho in the kitchen this month…think I felt a little baked-out! And also just did not make the time for baking. Would have been fun to do something special for Hallowe’en, but it just didn’t happen! The next focus will be on Christmas goodies! Unless I do something for Dad’s birthday at the end of this month (oops, Dad pretend you didn’t see that comment!)…I need a baklava-worthy occasion…that’s the only recipe that I really want to tackle with the eight recipe options to go! Am hoping to bake this Thursday (Nov 11th)…likely cookies and I have a recipe in mind!

40 Cereals: DONE!

I doubt I will finish any of these three categories this month. And I don’t have many definitive plans…the next update will be interesting, then!

And just to let you know…I am thinking ahead to 2011 and brainstorming on the next round of the 1970 Kiki Project. I plan on doing something new, just deciding on what the Project will entail!