Daily Archives: November 10, 2010

Is It Really November?!

We are enjoying some fan-freakin’-tastic weather this week:

check out that sky!

Honestly, if you didn’t know any better, would you not swear that looked like a summer sky? Helloooo, tanning opportunity!

Well, not quite…because small details like this…

more leaves on the ground then on the trees...

...and autumn-ish decor

…remind us that days like this need to be appreciated! Snow will be a-falling soon enough (sigh).

Some people appear eager for the next big seasonal holiday…

Baby C, for one, is NOT sad to see christmas in the stores!

*Ho Ho Ho!* 🙂


Tomorrow is going to be Baking Thursday. I had a recipe all picked out…then saw a cookie recipe on a blog that immediately gave me cause to scrap my original plan. B is going to be one VERY happy camper!!!