The Tradition Lives On!

Ever since we were teenagers, The Brother and I have thoroughly enjoyed our annual outing of Christmas shopping. To this day, we still pool our financial resources for gift purchases for our extended family (since our family is small, everyone buys for everyone; we don’t exchange names).

Today was SHOPPING DAY!!! Each year, we spend one afternoon together and power-shop. For the past several years, we have headed into downtown Toronto, something we did again today. I got another streetcar ride! Let’s backtrack a bit first…

B and I left this morning for our drive down to Toronto. B drove and I knit. Actually I ripped out knitting. Word to the wise: knitting lace in a moving car is not necessarily a good idea. I realized a mistake, and had to start working backwards…I still have two L-O-N-G rows to get rid of, too. *sigh.* At least the drive went super fast!

These two little sweeties welcomed us warmly!

we arrived in the middle of a mega arts n crafts time!

bracelets! leg extensions! oh, we're pleased with ourselves!

The Brother and I left soon after, hopped the streetcar and headed downtown.

First stop: Nike store. One present for me, zero for Christmas. Can you guess?!


Do you HONESTLY believe that I could pass up ONE pair, considering they have FIVE colour combinations on offer that I don’t have?! Guess which one I absolutely could not resist…if you guessed the ORANGE pair, front and centre, you are RIGHT! And yes, the collection of Nike Frees now numbers FOUR. I would gladly accept another colour combo, though. Shoes make a great gift idea, hint hint!

Happily, this was the only personal purchase of the afternoon.

Now, I can’t get too specific on stores visited or purchases made, but here’s the highlight reel of our fabulous afternoon (but my absolute favourite part is just spending the time together. Thanks, Bro!)

lunch stop!

This was my first visit ever to Fresh. It was fabulous! We enjoyed…

scrambled tofu wrap for her, veggie burger and fries for him! major yums!

Finally we got the seasonal shopping started!

Everything went tickety-boo; we had a plan of shops to hit and we found exactly what we were looking for at each stop. Love it when a plan comes together!

A mid-afternoon zing!

conveniently located just when needed!

the one store we visited that i can show!

[I’m just reviewing my photos and realize I really can’t post any more pictures of stores visited for fear that *certain readers* will see too much!]

As the afternoon progressed, the weather improved:

betting our good shopping luck influenced the skies!

...and here's to continuing one of my favourite christmas traditions next year! thanks, bro!

While we were shopping, SIL Ana, B, Little E and Baby C ventured over to the ROM. They, too, enjoyed a fun afternoon!

We all met back up for pizza supper. A day doesn’t get much better than this!

the happy gang!

My goal is to have my Christmas shopping completed by the end of November – preferably, by the end of this week! If so, that will be a new early-date record for Christmas shopping completion. I’ll be all the more ready for fun times with Christmas cards, baking, wrapping, decorating…yee haw!

Hope you had a great weekend! Any Christmas prep started??!

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