Daily Archives: November 15, 2010

My Favourite Mr Movember

Do you know anyone participating in Movember? From what I have seen and read, this fundraiser has really taken off this year!

I’m all for it. I think this is a really great idea: it’s for an important cause (raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer) which is always a good reason; it’s only for a month, so not a major time commitment; it’s competitive in a fun way; it’s easy to spot Movember participants.

Need someone to sponsor? Here are a few Mr Movembers who I know:

First, my longtime friend from childhood, Dave – go, dave, go! To donate to Dave, you can click here!

Then there’s my pal from the store, Derek, whose ‘stache is quite impressive at the half way point! Donate to Derek here!

Derek Hergott

My old store buddy, Jason, is making good progress! Donate to Jason’s fundraising efforts here!

But my favourite sporter of the moustached look has to be…

dear old dad!

Can you believe Dad has sported a fine ‘stache almost my whole entire life! Because of this, moustaches have never been a big deal to me, really!

me n dad, christmas 1972 (so i was two years old)

...the early 80's...

...and into the '90s...

...a little heat in aruba in 2003 is no reason to change the look!...

If Dad ever participated in a moustache-themed fundraiser, he’d have to collect pledges to SHAVE his ‘stache – kinda like when people shave their heads bald!

Maybe Movember will help bring about a renaissance in the moustached look. It’s very macho…


Tom Selleck…


Burt Reynolds…


Lanny McDonald…

But none of these men can match Dad, if you ask me!

Please do consider donating to a Movember Participant! Or, guys, make a note to participate next year…let’s help grow Movember!