Daily Archives: November 16, 2010

Not Gonna Say A Word

visually appealing to my eye and physically appealing to my feet; two more pairs in colours i don't have (and saw in toronto on sunday!) would make an outstanding statement - just sayin'!


Changing topics completely now:

Why did this end up happening today?

yup, that would be a fry pan in the garbage

Because that frypan was a poor purchase, that’s why!

I couldn’t take it another pan-seared piece of tofu minute any more! I bought that frypan likely about six months ago, and for the first five uses it was awesome. I got it at Household China and Gifts so it was not a piece of KMart crap, but I am completely unimpressed with what I purchased. If I could remember what brand it was, I would warn you (I seem to recall it was some eco-friendly line). Now, the pan part looks like this

looks 50 years old, don't you think??

…and despite scrubbing after each use, I can’t get it any cleaner. It’s NOT non-stick (remember, eco-friendly) and I think that’s a problem. I’d donate it, but my motto is never give away something that I wouldn’t feel comfortable offering a friend or family member – and with those stains and stuck-like-glued-on food bits, it’s rather gross. B’-bye.

I DID put a new frypan on my Christmas List, but until then (or until after Christmas, if no one buys me a fry pan!) I am making due with this one:

my hand is there to show the size

It’s not as conveniently petit in size as ol’ annoying frypan, but at least it’s non-stick ~ which is pretty good considering this pan is part of our original pots n pans set that we received as a wedding gift – so it’s got 15+ years of use on it! …well, let me rephrase that…it’s got 15+ years of KIKI&B-use on it, which would roughly translate to about 3.5 years of regular wear and tear, I am sure.


Speaking of “items you use in the kitchen,” I picked up this little cutie baker’s friend today!

mini-muffins tin!

Tomorrow I’ll show you what I have planned for it (this will be recipe #34)! – the resulting yummies will be perfect for a chilly November evening…too bad I don’t have the recipe ready for this evening, as it’s pouring rain out and pretty dreary! 

Stay cosy!