It’s Fun Going Green!

Recycling newspaper/paper products, cardboard, and tins/bottles is as natural to me as throwing refuse in the garbage. And now, thanks to a relatively new initiative in Waterloo Region, our condo building is part of a pilot program for Green Cart participation!

Last week, we received the receptacle for our condo casa unit:

a lovely compact size for a condo unit!

I hadn’t used it until today because I wanted to ask a few questions and get a little more information tonight from the experts! From 4-7 pm tonight, we could get more information right in our lobby – how convenient! Meet the very personable and helpful Erin and Shawn who were present to chat about the Green Cart Program!



I enjoyed a delightful chat with both Erin and Shawn. Along with some display boards, they provided a veritable bonanza of free treats and take-home goodies! What a way to encourage us all to jump on board with this new program!

a whole bag of coupons, extra liner bags, info sheets, a magnet...

smart move! you can always encourage people to stop and listen by offering munchables!

What I learned: over the past four years, the Region has rolled out a Green Bin program to all single-family housing units. Now the focus is moving on to incorporate multi-family homes (apartments, condos, townhouses) into the program. Our building is one of the first few to get on board. By March, about 60 complexes should be participating. I’m super-pleased that we’re at the front of the participation line! At this point, I figure B and I will be able to cut our garbage production by about 50%, thanks to the addition of the Green Bin progam to our recycling options.

The best part is that the whole process could not be simpler.

Here’s our garbage room for the building. Now, in addition to the communal garbage dumpster and recycling bins, we have the green cart:

easy to navigate, and divide your contributions!

This reminder sign

right on the door to the garbage room...

….gives a last-minute reminder as to What’s In and What’s Out.

Count me in!

cool kids are green!

The best freebie I walked away with??…

fake tattoos!

They thought of everything to entice participation!

I came right upstairs and set up our Green Bin:

no problem accodating the new addition to our under-the-kitchen-sink garbage area!

The inaugural contributions:

yes, i went through the garbage and pulled out cantaloupe rinds and egg shells!

And just like that, we’re all set! When our liner bag is full, I’ll simply take the bag down to the communal disposal bin, dump it in, and wash my hands!

Know what else is fun? One of our handouts shows how you can fold newspaper to create your own liner bags! Arts and crafts for a good cause – I’m game!

Many thanks, Erin and Shawn, for taking the time to visit our condo building to answer questions and promote this new program. I bet that within a few years, Green Cart participation will be as natural to Waterloo residents as recycling! And disposing of your garbage! (Especially if you keep offering those free tattoos!)


The latest recipe is now posted! See here for the story on Recipe #34!

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