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Adventures in Babysitting, Round 2

Saturday saw Aunti and Uncle B once again putting their *parenting* skills to good use. With SIL Ana hosting a baby shower for her sister, and The Brother socializing with the associated menfolk, we were all to happy to travel to Toronto to look after Baby C and Little E for the afternoon and early evening.

fun times!

So, what exactly goes on when the parents are away and Aunti and Uncle are in charge??? Well, here’s the censored version a behind-the-scenes look, in photos!…

baby c's preferred seating arrangement for story time!

baby c loves lift-the-flap books!

hey! we're both wearing hoodies! how fun! and we both luvvv colouring! how fun!


but of course you can wear your winter boots indoors, baby c!

but of course aunti will make you an alternate lunch if planned lunch #1 is not to your liking! (scrambled egg - a hit!)

Baby C enjoyed a gi-normous nap in the afternoon. Meanwhile, Uncle got some relaxation time, too….

little e deemed it "pampering spa day" for uncle b, and set up a relaxing treatment...

apparently, uncle b was not yet sufficiently relaxed - add more treatment products!!!

After naptime/spa time, we all headed out for a special treat…

a cosy spot for...ice cream/yogurt!


just a little mango tango for one and a bit of chocolate for the other...not popular, no, not at all...

A park outing was in the cards, next!


ready, steady...

up, up and away!


A little chillin’ time before supper…

sisterly love...

And then it was time to feed everyone, clean up, and enjoy a little Treehouse before SIL Ana arrived home to tuck in the children. And that was that!

B and I both love the opportunity to spend this extended time with our favourite girls. The pictures capture some of our fun n games, but the best parts go undocumented: walking down the sidewalk holding hands with Little E; making Baby C giggle when I change her diaper; snuggling with Little E on the couch while watching the antics of the WotWots (whatwhats??); guiding Baby C’s hand as she grasps a magic marker – precious and unforgettable moments.

Here’s hoping you have busy schedules in the near future, Brother and SIL Ana!



Thought I’d provide an update on the rejection of turning back the clocks – two weeks in, I’m still on the revised schedule! Loving the early morning quietness and productivity, and welcoming an early bed time which provides extended reading time! B is still with me on the early bed time…although he’s still sleeping til 6 a.m.; guess he needs the rest! Extra sleep never hurts!


Off to make muffins now! Recipe will be added to the 40 Recipes List  tomorrow!