Daily Archives: November 24, 2010

I’m A Sugar Cookie!

Today is special!!! Because…



Quiz Time! Was your initial reaction to the above statement:

a) horror

b) excitement and glee

c) wailing with a side of teeth gnashing

d) ambivalence because you are not responsible for anything Christmas-related anyhow?!

Me? I go with answer b) this year. I am 90% finished my shopping (and will be 100% finished by the end of this week); I have a To Do List for what I wish to do (decorate, send out cards, wrap gifts, etc) – a plan makes all the difference in the world to my little Type A brain.

In keeping with the theme of Quiz Time, here’s a quick and fun one for you to try:

Which Christmas Cookie Are You? It’s only 10 questions long and will give you some Holiday Spirit (or else make your tummy growl). Click here to try it! I’d love to hear your answer as apart from “Sugar Cookie,” I don’t know what the other choices are!

Bonus: you get a recipe when your cookie type is revealed! Now I really will have to make and decorate sugar cookies this year (which I do genuinely love to do!).


Flu Bug Update: Happily, I am 99.5% better today. Yesterday I was still “rubbery around the edges,” especially later in the day. B is back in bed today, kind of knocked out with a second round of this bug. Hope he can rest up and feel better soon! (I need him to go get my Christmas boxes out of storage!).