Daily Archives: November 26, 2010

Now That’s Just Not Fair!






should just not be allowed!

Yup, poor Birthday Dads has been struck by the nasty bug that hit the offspring earlier this week. And he’s not the only one – Mumsy is also down for the count. So, we’ll let them heal up, and hopefully we all will be able to celebrate Dad’s birthday on Sunday, as previously planned!

Dad's present sits and waits!

We’ll use a photo of Mr Birthday from the archives…don’t think Dear Dad would appreciate a knock on the door from me, right about now, with a request for a photo for the blog. 🙂

feel better soon, Birthday Erv!


My time has run away from me this eve (that’s what working a 7.5 hour work day will get ya!) so while “Christmas Decorating” will not be checked off the Holiday Prep List, at least the decorations are in the Condo Castle!

Each unit in our building has a cage-type storage unit in the basement. We call our space “the jail,” and it’s the perfect place to stash crap we don’t know what to do with rarely used items – like Christmas decorations!

the usual precarious piles don't seem so bad right now - b must have cleaned up!

“Family Rule” is that The Jail is B’s domain and I don’t go near it unless accompanied by him! That’s how we roll….

The Christmas decs, of course, were way in the back corner…

b navigates the obstacles...i stand back and give directions!

yup, we need that one!

Naturally, being a Nosy Parker Curious George, I take a casual gander at the other “jails.”

betcha there's a good story to go with this!

Now that my supplies are within my easy reach, I can decorate any day now.

i’ve whittled down my decorations over the years so that now only my favourites remain

Decorating will be prefaced by a thorough Condo Casa cleaning, though. All part of my yearly routine. And Christmas music will be playing. Oooo, I’m looking forward to this! Is 9 pm really too late to clean, and start decorating?!


i’ve got the fev-ah! thank goodness, it’s of the holiday variety!

 Any festive plans for you this weekend? We have our first family social gathering with B’s side of the family tomorrow eve! Get the party started!