Grey Cup Sunday, A Birthday Celebration, and…


Sorry, I just have to laugh at myself. This –

my front door shoe pile (not to be confused with my front closet collection!)

is getting to be a little ridiculous!

So we’re out for a walk this aft, up near Adventure Guide and B mentions rather casually that our neighbour Jeff bought his daughter Jillian a pair of Vibrams. My ears perk up and I hippity-hop like a rabbit. Vibrams are back in stock at Adventure Guide? And we’re, like, 100 metres from the store entrance? Right this way, s’il vous plait!!!

In we go, and sure enough, they have Vibrams!! And a model I don’t have!!! Meet the Bikila

different colour combo than ANYTHING i currently have!

which now joins the SPRINT model that I know and love already!

helllloooo there, sista!

The Bikila model is a bit more robust, a bit thicker on the sole, and you’ll note the added mesh on the shoe upper. Don’t think they’re wearable in Ontario Winter, but I’ll just wear ’em around the condo casa instead of slippers for the next while!

Sadly/happily, Adventure Guide had a couple of other styles of Vibrams in now, too…like a groovy all-leather purple model…it’s a-callin’ me BY NAME, i’m telling you!!! For tonight now, I am just tres gleeful that I was in the right place at the right time for the smashing Bikila model!!


Another happy for today: we were able to get together with mom and dad this eve for dad’s birthday celebration! Mom and Dad are both feeling much better, and our scheduled dinner + Yahtzee match was a go!

official birthday portrait!

feeling better - ex-sickies, mom and dad!

happy birthday, dad!

official birthday dessert: cream horns!

An inspired game of Yahtzee followed the present opening (new golf vest!)  – and guess who won, rightly so?!

two yahtzees - that'll win it for you!

Actually, B, Dad and I each had a score of over 300 points…pretty unusual to score that high and NOT be able to win!

So, better late than never – glad we got to visit and commemorate Dad’s special day! The best gift is a return to health, right, everyone?!


Today is also Grey Cup Sunday here in Canada. It’s our sorry striving answer to the Super Bowl. It lacks. We had the game on in the background at mom and dad’s…

saskatchewan vs montreal this year...

…and now I have the half time show on in the background while I blog. While the NFL attracts the likes of U2, Prince, or Aerosmith, who did the CFL coerce to provide entertainment this year?

bachman and turner getting a groove on...sorta

This is painful. Coupla old dudes playing songs that are 30+ years past their prime, and there’s random smoke bombs going off, a few strobe lights and dancing 13 year olds. Meanwhile the crowd goes wild. Well, we are talking Edmonton here….at least the game is close: Saskatchewan is leading Montreal by a score of 11-8. *Woo-hoo.* I’ll try to contain myself and get to bed on time. Yawn.

Now Super Bowl….eeeeeee-ooowwww!!! Can’t wait! Excited already! Will be wearing Vibrams and jumping around come February 6th, 2011. Two things the Americans know how to do for sure: throw half time bashes and host marathons. Edmonton, watch and learn on both accounts!


Tomorrow I have to go footwear shopping. No, I’m serious! I need winter boots, as in it’s not a want but a necessity. The problem is that I want the Uggs from last week. I need trail shoes or boots with treads. Do I get both? One? Which one? This could be a sleepless night of tough decisions. Maybe I should just wear Vibrams year-round…

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