Daily Archives: November 29, 2010

Still Waffling

I went back to Shoes 22 this aft to look again at my Uggs:

I’ve narrowed down my choices: all colours are OUT except for the sand/chestnut colour (classic Ugg colour, in my book). I tried on


Classic Tall Ugg

Love this model! It’s totally cosy.

Styles that did NOT make the cut:


Classic Uggs Mini

I couldn’t even get these on my feet! Despite much tugging and pulling, almost working my way into a sweat, I gave up. Even if I did manage to get them on after much effort, do I really want to go through that each time I wear them? I know that if that’s the case, I’ll not wear them.

This style is not available at Shoes 22 in sand:


Classic Ugg Short Boot

That leaves me one less option, at least – haha!

So here’s why I’m still undecided, and left the store sans boots:

  • the price: they’re $275 and there’s a promo for $20 off right now, so that’s $255; to be honest, this price is still freaking me out. That’s 2.5 pairs of Vibrams!!!
  • the fact that I can’t wear them in the snow. The Uggs are yummy warm and I love how they hug my feet and calves, making my legs super comfy and cosy. They’d be perfect for right now. But the minute it snows, they’ll need to be cast aside.
  • the treads are non-existent. Since I can’t wear them in the snow anyway, it’s not super important that the Uggs have grippy treads, but if I ever get caught on some ice, I’m toast.

So I’m back to a state of contemplation. To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

If I do get them, I’ll have them for years…If I do get them, I’ll stop obsessing about them. If I do get them, can I not feel guilty over the price?

I’ll sleep on it another night.


I have read thirty-nine/forty books for the 1970 KikiProject. I have THREE options right now with which I could finish the 40 Reads Project. I should be able to share, this week, the three candidates for final book, and which one wins as official final entry! Stay tuned!