30 Days Hath November

The last day of the month! Where has the time gone?! Whoosh, welcome December!
In case you hadn’t noticed, I tried an experiment for the month of November: blogging every day. I wanted to see if I would enjoy frequent posting (yup) or if I would run out of things to say (nope, not a chance!). I did miss one day: last Monday when we were down and out with the flu. I remember I awoke at some point and thought of the blogging streak and that I should post at least a little something, but at the moment, it all just seemed like too. much. effort. I rolled over and went back to sleep. You’ll notice a couple days on the November calendar (sidebar, at left) where there is no blog entry – those dates I did do something with either the recipe, reads, or movie categories of the 1970 Kiki Project.
For December, I am going to play it by ear…there’s lots of fun and blog-worthy activities and social events on our calendar, and lots of hours at the store! We’ll see what time permits…
If I bored you or annoyed you, consider this fair warning as I am contemplating frequent blogging for the 2011 edition of the 1970 Kiki Project. I have yet to define exactly how blogging and The Project shall intermingle…I’ll figure it out by my birthday!

front hall decor

As per my usual modus operandi, I gave the condo casa a thorough cleaning this morning before Operation Deck the Halls began.

I love the way the condo looks at Christmas time! The rest of the year, we favour a minimal, bare look for our home; at Christmas, we love colour, texture, sound (well, I am a fan of Christmas music!).

Here’s a few before and after shots, starting with our main room:

tv area…
window area…
ta da!

The Kitchen:

plain jane…
all decked out!

Downstairs Bath:

devoid of colour…

...and a few touches of colour!

In the Master Bath, I only switch up the towels:

off-white walls accomodate any secondary palette…
…which at christmas is GREEN! we love snowflake towels!

That’s the home tour…I’m actually late this year in doing my decorating! I ‘m of the school that likes to get everything out early…and then put Christmas away come Boxing Day. At least I am ready to go for the first day of the Advent Calendar which is tomorrow! (Saint) Nick o’ time!

And now for a few of my traditional decorations! All of my favourite items hold great sentimental value – I love putting them out each year because of who gave them to me. Here’s a TOP FIVE:

1. Wooden Advent Calendar – Dad bought this for me in the early ’90’s from Ten Thousand Villages. The Brother got one, too! (which he also uses, each year!).

as it will look on dec 24th, when complete…
…and ready to go for tomorrow morning, dec 1st! i keep the pieces for each day in the santa container…

2. Ceramic Christmas Tree – my Grandma gave this to me. It’s the only Christmas tree we put up each year! The condo has rules against live trees, and since we are always at my parents for Christmas, this is our only tree. The little lights light up – it’s so cute!

o tannenbaum, o tannenbaum…

3. Glass Christmas Tree – my same Grandma gave me this little tree as a gift when I was about 13 years old (my cousin Kate got one, too, and I remember she was just a baby at the time). The little glass ornaments are each separate, so you can “decorate” the tree how you see fit. I treasure this tree.

it’s only about 3″ high!

4. Knitted Throw Blanket – I made this one ages ago…honestly, could be 15-25 years ago, I forget. Perfect for snuggling and watching Christmas crap tv movies and specials!

always has its same place on the back of the couch!

5. Stained Glass Angel – When my Grandpa died, we each chose some of his possessions which held sentimental value for us. I chose this angel. A couple years ago, it fell off the window, and I literally cried when it cracked in couple spots. I am very careful now about how and where I hang it.

angels we have heard on high...

And just to finish off, a few more decorations:

here comes santa claus…
teddy bears’ christmas (not PICNIC in the winter, silly!)
i love christmas floor mats! i have six scattered thru the kitchen and main room!
creche scene – also from ten thousand villages

We are now running the risk of Christmas Overload so I’ll stop here – for today!

Have you started decorating? Do you plan to decorate? What are some of your favourite items that you display each year?

And now, I face a dilemma: watch a movie or bake a recipe…I’m leaning to baking because I know B will go insane for this recipe…I’ll let you know tomorrow what ends up happening…

welcome! our front door...

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  • Gina Unger  On December 1, 2010 at 12:06 am

    Fun to see your decorations, Cath! We also decorated the inside of our house this past Sunday as it was First Advent – our family’s tradition. (I had to decorate the outside of the house a few weeks ago when it was still warm out – lights, garland, bows.) Anyhow, now that our kids are ages 4, 3 and 1.5 they are really getting into all the decorating – or shall I say, the “un-decorating”! Our Christmas tree is literally decorated and undecorated a dozen times a day and Hayes, Hudson, and Marin are playing with the ornaments, etc. as though they are their brand new toys (talking to them and making up stories with them) – it’s our new babysitter!

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