Deck the Lobby With Boughs of Evergreen!

Christmas decor fever continues to spread throughout our building! Several neighbours now have wreaths adorning their front doors. (I’ll go around and snap some photos another day). And as of Wednesday, our main lobby looks very festively welcoming!

upon entering, this display will immediately catch your eye!

Ever since we moved into our building, one of my favourite neighbours, Anne, decorated the lobby. Her touch and style made the entry-way a warm, classy, festive welcome to the building. With a minimal number of resources, she managed to make the lobby brim with Christmas cheer.

Sadly, Anne passed away this past spring. Last year, knowing she was ill, she “trained” a couple of other ladies in Lobby Decorating 101. While the same decorations are on display this year, I can just tell that Anne did not participate in the placement of the Christmas decor. However, I’m just glad that our building is showing holiday spirit, and I know Anne would be happy to see the seasonal cheer.

this set of stairs leads to our guest suite and fitness room

the descent to the storage lockers...

It is wonderful to see the greenery, lights, and colour when you step foot into our lobby!

traditional christmas flowers...

bright colour for our window nooks!

can you see the little twinkle lights?!

 (And you should see our building’s rooftop! B and other volunteers annually string lights around the railing of our roof, and the roof of our twin building next door – really looks wonderful!



With flurries a-fluttering this aft, I knew I had to get my act together regarding winter footwear. You’ll remember my internal debate regarding All Things Ugg, described here and here.

My final conclusions: 1) the winter Uggs got voted off the island due to price and the fact that they are very similar in weight and style to my Sorels.


These things are HEAV-Y and I only dig them out when the drifts are high and the wind is wailing.

2) the Uggs I truly covet:


are on mental hold, because I am still trying to reconcile myself to spending almost $300 for boots that I cannot wear in the snow or rain. But they are so cosy and comfy. After an indepth boot discussion with SIL Ana, I think I am going to just hold off for a while and see if they go on sale later in the winter/in early spring. Heck, I’ve waited 5+ years at least for Uggs; I can wait a couple more months!

3) The Adidas Response Trail Shoes that I own…well, I have tried to wear them this week and I detest them.

this version is completely not fun, unlike a previous version of the same shoe which i luuuved - HATE when companies do that!

They feel like cement blocks on my feet and have started to make my left foot ache and feel bruised. Refuse to wear them any more (I’ve been partial to trail shoes in winter the past few years because of the superior traction and lightness on my feet).

So this eve, in desperation, I stopped in to Heel Boy across the street from us.

what's in the bag?!

Lightbulb moment, and I decided on…

fuzzy-lined, rubber tretorns!!

Again, a brand I’ve always wanted to try. I figure this is the right purchase for me because a) they are $85 b) I can wear them on a wet spring or fall day, too c) they are a good intermediary foot covering, falling somewhere mid-scale between running shoes and the Sorels. Funny: first I tried on a dark green shade, then decided black matches my wardrobe more – same boot, but the black pair is even a tad more comfy! So I think I can finally put this boot-baby debate to rest, once and for all…

...and kick up my heels!


I had plans to watch Food Inc. tonight as Movie #34, but B ended up NOT going to Poker, it’s getting late (bedtime is 9 pm, remember!), and I don’t feel like thinking any more today. It may be Friday night…but it’s not the start of the weekend when you work in retail! And with my manager away on vacation til a week from today, I am working 11/12 days…today is Day #2! 🙂 Good thing I love this time of year at the store! Although I have yet to really sense an influx of Holiday Shoppers…maybe tomorrow?!

What are you doing this weekend to get ready for Christmas??!

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