Five Star Sunday!

the last star for my wooden advent calendar!

Tonight I am off to a Christmas Carol Sing at church! I am terribly excited about this outing – I love Christmas music: live in concert, on CD or on the radio, musical specials on TV, sing-a-longs…it’s all heartwarming. I’ll report back tomorrow!

Unfortunately, I do have a grumble for today…my laptop has gone psychotic! ­čśŽ

This morning, I started to compose an email to BFF Debbie, and it was like my computer was on drugs: the cursor jumped to google search as soon as I started typing. Then, an Excel Spreadsheet acted bizarrely: typing a letter or number again made the cursor jump boxes. When I tried to type the body of the email to Debbie, typing “h” elicited “hy6,” for example. So “hello” came out as “hy6ello.” B googled the issue and we deduced the problem may be the couple of water drops I got on the keyboard letter “p” last eve…oops, wayyyy my fault and┬ámy bad.

No idea if this situation will clear on its own (once the water spot completely dries out??)…but I have a feeling I will be paying a visit to the computer store where I purchased my laptop. Of course,┬áthis SNAFU┬áhas to occur this week when I have mega hours at the store; I won’t be able to investigate further until Wednesday at the earliest.

To look on the bright side: all my favourite websites are intact, I can read and delete emails…I just can’t do anything that requires typing. So where am I now? On our “dinosaur” main computer. Haven’t used this in months! But beggars can’t be choosers, and I am thankful I can blog and email from up here (this computer is housed in upstairs).

So if you are in any way computer-literate (which I SOOOOOO am not!), and you have any clues as to what is going on with my laptop, I’m all ears!

And on that “note,” I am off to get ready for the Carol Sing. Random:

Two Least Favourite Religious Christmas Songs:

Away In A Manger

Silent Night

Two Most Favourite Religious Christmas Carols:

Hark the Harold Angels Sing

O Come All Ye Faithful

Fa La La La La, La La La La!

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